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  1. Who else been a fan of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds before 2020😍




  2. I got an idea for Pubg DEV TEAM. Leave the servers for players. Stop making seasons and content. Leave the work on pubg at all and start work on PUBG 2.0 on new engine and release it in end of the year on next gens and pc. 60fps smooth gameplay i nice graphics. Free to play, seasons, cosmetics.

  3. Там читеров куча ну да давай кросплотформу пускай бомбят дети

  4. Can we just be greatful another game has cross play with Xbox instead of bashing it because it's dead or another gamemode on for is coming

  5. All you gear should be fully Playstation and Xbox themed instead of Blue vs Green. Give us those Playstation Nike's or the Xbox Bodywash 🤔🤷‍♂️

  6. PUBG Corp gives us an inferior version of PUBG as a free-to-play game (PUBG lite). Meanwhile, warzone provides us with the full battle royale experience complete with 150 players and beast graphics. I know which game I'll be playing.

  7. Bit late sony. They were hounded for years to do crossplay and literally at the end of this generation with big releases coming old games are adding crossplay.

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