Pubg Mobile Chicken Dinner Squad

be ready guys, when we play pubg we become sinner more expensive than skin legend in mobile legend YUDO’S GAME? he you, dont mocking like that that game make us gather together you know make us went to pangang panganan beging yudo for wifi just to update lets go to san martin but i still have weak-ass weapon weak-ass weapon? to graveyard then lets go upside down damn, it fail why we are on pecado? i alredy in graveyad you all trick me i got a prank basically, my friend is sing a song for you sing a song with TUKQNGNGELOOT in front me DAMN why i click wrong button when i go down lag? that player duuuuuuuuuuuuddeeeeee just a passing-through okay why i following here too that!! i hit one of them because fornite x marshmello so… pubg PUBG X ALLANWALKER it should be with papa dahlia so “cendol dawet” someone behind!! damn it that guy die damn it cover everywhere here okay, but becarefule infront of us explode STUPID hide here damn it he already behind a car laknat=curse move itself that panther it slow and not stable so annoying so sad, ride a panther wo we bump to that but i dont think bump to it damn it why i lose to wasih? son of a……. where are we going? to novo why a loot in novo so few now? or just my imagination? woo i found it again fire it (i got flaregun) damn dude but i already take aim and fire away found it someone there!! another house immediately die I can enter the car through here wooohh new technique new technique let use enemy car before taht good spot what? alreay die? they KS yours no they not KS me i am not fast enough in the right bil becarefule dude let them fighting each other maybe you can peek alredy told ya, becarefule get down and come here man (let them kill each other) go there dude thanks for watching, please like and share this video

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