PUBG – One Year Anniversary “Thank You” Video

On this the one-year anniversary of the launch of PUBG Myself and CH just want to take a minute to express how grateful we are for
all your support over the past year. We could not have made a game this fun without
all of your feedback and ideas. I still remember our first alpha days when we launched people from a warehouse instead of from a plane. So our old office was next to a military base
and C-130’s were flying over us all the time and when we got feedback from our team and
players we decided to introduce the airplane and looking at these military airplanes flying
over us we thought it was fate. So we got an amazing amount of feedback from
you guys. Some of you were brutally honest but we really
appreciate and needed that. We still need this kind of feedback. So personally I love the harsh feedback. If everyone is telling us our game was great
we’d get nowhere and wouldn’t be able to improve. So the fact that the Battle Royale community
in general is so passionate about giving us their honest opinions on stuff we’ve done
has really helped us build a really solid game. Your passion for our game has blown us away
continually over the past year. You showed us that you really wanted first-person added to the game and we added it much sooner than we’d planned. Now the FPP mode has become a game mode that
a lot of PUBG players enjoy playing. It’s been a pretty crazy journey for us so
far and as I keep saying this is a marathon for us not a sprint. We’re building a team now globally and expanding every day in order to service this game for many years to come. Recently we revealed our roadmap for 2018 Today we are happy to announce that our public testing phases for our new map will begin in early April. We would like to go back to the days of when we were developing the game and pursuing open development once more testing this game with
our players and completing it together with you guys. The first step in that is getting the 4×4
map into your hands much earlier so we can get your feedback and really improve the map early in development so when we finally release it
it’s the best it can be. Your participation and feedback got us to
where we are today. We would not be here without you. You’ve stuck with us through the good and the bad and I would like to take this time to say thank you very much to you all. Oh yes you pan! That was the most amazing pan save of all time. Nice to meet you. They’re dead! On behalf of myself and the whole PUBG team I want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who’s played who creates content or who has otherwise supported the game over the past year. It’s really been a crazy ride for us and we look forward to many more years playing together with you guys. 900 meters.. 900 meters.. Holy shit! Oh my god we just set the record my friends. Holy shit

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  1. Congratulations it's a really good game I love it.
    I wanted to know this game really made by you plz reply me it's really important for me

  2. I am very sorry not to inform you that my account on Facebook hacker on my computer was manipulated 10 days ago from some of the saboteurs and I could not return to the game Is there help from me please accept my respect and I returned my account today but I was surprised to write some offensive articles and closed My account in several games, including Baji I will change the password well and there will be no error again

  3. open my account i already send you more emails but you cant reply me plz give me any contact number or email where you reply and open my account plzzzz

  4. Bang tolong respon akun pubg steam saya .kok di banned .nike game pubg impar1val .awal mula steam saya ke heck sama selver RU .saya berasal dari indonesia .plisss

  5. Ur game is good but u don't take any action against hacker. Hackers are increase day by day even ur high security shame on u and ur stupid game

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