pumpkin carving party | VLOG challenge | GAY COUPLE | BROCK + CHRIS

– Today’s the day. – (sings) Today is the day! – Today’s the day you’ve
all been waiting for. – It’s our pumpkin carving party day. – Slash Chris’s birthday party because we are week late to everything. – Yeah, it happens, but we’re inviting, how many people is it now? – I think we’re up to 13 plus us, which, I don’t even know 13
people so it’s like crazy. (pop) – That’s not true, we obviously know them. They’re coming to our party, but we’re going to fit 15 people total – Hopefully.
– in our one bedroom apartment and that’s going to be a stretch, but. – And they’re gonna be making
messes all over our apartment because it’s gonna be
pumpkin goo everywhere. But before we even make a mess, we have to go pick up a few more things with this mess. – Oh, shoot I know. And Brock’s been a little stressed out about this so let’s see–
– I have been? – [Both] Ohhh!
(laughs) – We’ve been sharing the stress, but look at this light. – It’s nice.
(swoosh) We need some candles
for the jack o lanterns, we need, what else do we need? We need–
– Cups. – Plastic cups ’cause we
don’t wanna do dishes. And we need some wine. – Wine and ice.
– And ice. – And chips.
– Oh yeah. And Lay’s chips probably.
– And dips. And all the things.
– Okay. – All right, let’s get to it.
– Let’s do this. (upbeat music) – [Chris] (laughs) Stop. I’m gonna just keep
following you all the time. I lost Brock. I don’t know where he is. There he is. (smash) You got the– (Brock mumbles) – Zip packet? (laughs) – [Chris] The only tea
light candles they have are lime and cilantro. (gasps) Ahh! You actually scared me. (both laugh) You actually scared me. I can’t! – Okay! (swoosh) We’re gonna get this place
ready and spick and span. (claps) – Let’s go. (upbeat music) – What do you think? (claps) (pop) – Stop! – [Brock] Thomas, what did you do? – Thomas! Oh no, you got stuck in the cobwebs! Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. – [Brock] Don’t eat that! – [Chris] No, oh no! (spooky sounds) – Spooky! – [Chris] Spooky! Spooky! (upbeat music) – [Man] Kinda like a
team lunch and go home. – [Chris] I’m so serious. (indistinct conversations) – [Other Man] We just added the
booze like five minutes ago. (indistinct conversations) – [Brock] Getting into
the mind of the master. – It’s so hard, this one eye. (laughs) (indistinct conversations) – [Chris] And I just scoop
that in there. (laughs) (indistinct conversations) – [Chris] It looks so
much better on the camera. (swoosh) Love that. Yay! Yay, yay! Okay, I’m gonna eat. You look so cute! Oh my God, so much pumpkin! (indistinct conversations) – [Chris] Is it harder
than you thought, Brock? – No, I knew it was gonna be hard. – [Chris] Oh no. (laughs) He’s so cute, little buck tooth! (swoosh) Aww! Kim is so good. (spooky music) (indistinct conversations) (indistinct conversations) (I Know What You Did Last Summer plays) – [Chris] (laughs) Look
at the concentration. (indistinct conversations) (upbeat music plays)

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  1. Did you guys keep the pumpkin guts and roast the seeds? Happy Halloween 🎃 🕸🕷🦇😈👻👹💀👽

  2. Definitely Chris’ pumpkin was the best!! (Yours too Brock lol) All the decoration was so nice and I love Thomas enjoying the whole thing… love you guys! 💕💕💕😘❤️

  3. Happy Halloween boys! Now that's what you call a pumpkin party. There were some great carved pumpkins.? Next video… Trick or treat?… Haha. Thanks for sharing and making a video, they're all so entertaining.

  4. Haha I loved the video! It was absolutely adorable. I’ve definitely decorated for fall but I might just be ready for Christmas, oops lol. Christmas in New York never gets old so I’m ready. I hope you guys are having a great week and have a great weekend! 💕💕

  5. Love you guys so much! That looked like absolute fun! Just awesome! I was hoping to see Adam and Bernardo, (Steps of 2 Foreigners) youtubers from Portland there… You both are awesome as always! Such respect for you both and for your channel also! Love from the American Heartland! Mark in Iowa 💞!

  6. Who’s is the Boy And Girl I’m confused, Before any btches going to said 'They both are a Man' I get it they’re both a Man, But btch you do know what I Meant by that…. Which's one got Banana stick up on their ass, I’m just curious
    Btw they both are cute 😍
    lso I’m confused …mhmmmmmmm

  7. Okay it's official, I'm melting from you guys' adorableness! 🙂 BTW, I love cats! Thomas is pawsitively purrfect! Oh and btw (once again) I'll be expecting you to come haunt me this Halloween! 🙂

  8. You guys are so adorable 😍😘🥰 the vedio was cute,love you guys so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. wow!!!!
    u guys are really great and this video makes me crazy .
    and i'm waiting for the next video.
    love u guys

  10. Thank you for the lovely vlog and for not making a competition out of it, for valuing everyone's pumpkin. Happy Halloween, guys!

  11. That was an awesome vlog y’all. Your party looked incredible. Love y’all ❤️🤗💋

  12. Been watching U2 for a while now and you guys are in my top 5 youtube couples. U2 are Cool AF and come across very genuine.

  13. How do you guys feel about helens death?!? That movie still to this day pisses me off!! SHE WAS SO CLOSE!!!
    Happy Halloween and belated bday!! 🥳🥳🥳

  14. Y’all are so friggin cute. Way to go on the pumpkins, You guys’ pumpkins were great but I think the Kim pumpkin wins 💯💧🎃

  15. This right here is next level Festive.  Part of me was so calm watching this video & the other half was like "YAAASSS BTCH CARVE THAT PUMPKIN HUNNY!!".  These days people have parties for literally everything & I am all the way here for it!!  Give me a reason to come to the house + dance awkwardly in the corner & I will bring the horderves!!  WOOP!

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