PUNJABI BOLIYAN-TAPPE | PART 2 | Geet Shagna De | Punjabi Marriage Ceremony Songs | Wedding Music

Listen! If I call someone, they’ll have to come in front and dance Cheers We brought a cow Only the groom and bride’s mothers can set the crowd A star! Relatives dances like the flying birds My love, the sugar is being sold in the market You’re the sugar candy and I’m the rose candy O love, both are sweet Wow, Auntie, you rock. We brought ghee. Only the groom and bride’s fathers can set the crowd Mother-in-law caught up with flu
Father-in-law… Cheers We brought a dress Only the groom and bride’s uncles can set the crowd Your uncle brought the bitter gourds
Your Aunty is frying them. But when it was my turn, the pan was empty They always fight We brought cardamom Only the groom and bride’s aunty can set the crowd Son of my bro-in-law is crazy. Blinks an eye at me yet calls me aunty He visited the city to buy eyeliner And said, What?
Aunty, wear this eyeliner and look into my eyes Aunty, wear the sandals and shake your waist Cheering

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