Puppy Puzzle Party

They are absolutely adorable! Oh my God! They are eight weeks old and two days and this Puppy Puzzle you can only do when it’s eight weeks old three days before and three days after. I’m headed to a
puppy puzzle party. Not sure what that is? well hang tight because I’m gonna share
it all with you and be sure to subscribe and ring that little bell so you don’t
miss one episode of all the fun. When Edy Dykstra- Blum asked me if I might be interested in attending her puppy puzzle party I can tell you now I was beyond
elated. She is a co-owner on a dam to an eight-week-old litter of Old English
Sheepdogs. She along with her co-breeder Holly her friends Ellen and Linda who
also breed as well as Carrie and her family who were there to meet their pick male puppy for their show program all gathered to play with and evaluate
puppies all while sharing good food experience and laughs. The evaluations
were being done using Pat Hastings methods shared in the Puppy Puzzle. This
is a DVD I recommend all breeders have in their library. I watched it like 13
years ago and I’m telling you it forever changed my life when it comes to
breeding dog. The concept is to evaluate puppies at the exact age of eight weeks
and you’ll have a very strong chance of the puppy developing structurally
equivalent to that evaluation. This concept is how you determine which is the best to keep for your program. The pick of the litter! But also which might not be as structurally correct but would make a
perfect pet or companion and of course everything in between. We still don’t
know which one we want to keep. We hopefully will find out after this
evaluation. So how many are you keeping? One. One one female but you know do this person here she’s getting a male. Yeah? You know we’ll be just trying to figure
out who gets what so I think we will figure it out a minute. Yay So what exactly is a puppy puzzle party? First of course you need a litter
of puppies. Then you invite your friends potential puppy buyers, that could
actually be for show or pet homes provisional judges, anyone that has a good eye for dogs or anyone that wishes to learn how to have a good eye. Everyone
brings a dish to pass and open mind… No, I don’t do Ritz crackers. That cheap stuff. No we dont do that. Are you kidding me? These are hoity foity toity crackers. Thank you. Sam’s Club! Sam’s Club OK well there you go So there you go. Nice! Look at that! Look at that spread …and a desire to play and
learn all about your breed. And don’t think those invited need to only be from
your breed. Sometimes having people evaluate your puppies who come from
different breeds is surprisingly insightful and a true breath of fresh
air. Using Pat Hastings theories and tools
you and your guests follow the instructions provided on the DVD on
evaluating each puppy in the litter. This is our puppy evaluation form. There are litter things in here. The puppy ID. Dog and Bitch. You check the head, front, shoulder, rear top-line, eye and miscellaneous and they all get the number one to five with
a three to do is points one two five three is show average. Nice! Now I do recommend
that you and your guests watch the puppy puzzle DVD if time allows for it of
course it’s great for newbies to learn what
they’re about to witness and a great refresher for those who are familiar
with the process. Every breed has a breed standard that should describe the
physical structure temperament gait everything that makes the breed the
breed. When doing your evaluations you should use that breed standard as you go
over each and every puppy rating it a 1 to a 5 or even 1 to 10 on all of the
elements. The head front shoulders rear top-line eyes and of course temperament. One part of the temperament test is to
hold a puppy upside down on its back. This should be done by a complete
stranger someone the puppy has never met before. If it settles calmly you’ve got a
really good pup! Scratch her belly. Oh my look at her She’s actually has a perfect perfect
temperament. The whole idea of that is that you don’t want to see the whites of their
eyes, that they’re fearful, and not confident. She’s obviously a very confident puppy Yeah. Look now she’ll go to sleep. Look at her. Ok she will get a five for that. I think of the biggest things I learned from
this program is to always look at a puppy as whole. No dog is perfect but
every dog you hold back for your program should add something to your program.
Look at it as a whole not just the bits and pieces. And he’s got two balls. And he has two balls. We got a winner! To make it
easy for you I’ve linked below the Puppy Puzzle DVD along with Pat Hastings other
books, Another Piece of the Puzzle which is for puppy development as well as
Structure in Action. All three are must haves for your breeding library. So at
the end of the afternoon using Pat Hastings methods Edy and the
gang were able to find Carrie and her family’s beautiful new male puppy. He’s actually, Ok this is your puppy. I know! (Laughter) Her puppy. Yeah! Yeah! I am happy. Because I know what a wonderful home he’s going to. You will stop it otherwise we start crying too. (Laughter) We’re not going to do this OK? No Crying! …as well as
Edy and Holly’s pick of the litter female who will help continue to carry
on this amazing and historic line of old English sheepdogs. And what is her name
Holly? Razz R A Z Z Razz What’s her name going to be? Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh I like it. Yeah these
puppies they all have Queen names This is old five. Keeper! and that was the end
of our Puppy Puzzle and Thank You Jen for doing this. Oh absolutely! Thank you for having me!I And you will see them in the show ring! Oh yeah! And please follow them Absolutely! I get a little links for
all of them! Yeah right? Where-ever they go. This is typical Blix oh I don’t know
but there’s real pair of scissors they’re all like this they’re all like
this because of Blix. And Blix, come on. You want to go see Blix? Yes, Come see, Yes! This is Blix. Oh my gosh! Hello! Ohhhhhh…I’m going in! I’m going in. You are
beautiful! okay do you smell do I smell like puppies? So the next time you get invited to a puppy puzzle party I totally recommend
you taking them up on it. Learn something new while taking in tons of puppy breath. What more could you ask for?

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