Purim party in Bitcoin emBassy, 2020

Hello.I’m c… c… c… I’m called M… M… Moses. S… So… So… Some of you may k… k… k… know me, From that time that I fucking took you out of the land of egypt, From slavery to liberty, from bondage to redemption, from the land of impurity to the holy land. I came to talk with you today, because I’ve heard that you are trying to continue the way I started. That you’re dealing with something called “Moses of the 3rd millenium”. I wanted to see this Bitcoin for myself, And watch the modern journey to shatter the chains of financial enslavement. I now understand, that wherever there is redemption, there must be a halving [crossing]. I showed you the way, when I halved the red sea. Now, it is your turn. Only you can continue and complete the path I’ve started. Satoshi’s hopes and dreams, his original vision, are now in your hands. You must halve the block, halve it like no block has been halved before, In a historic event that will be remembered for generations, as the 3rd Millenium Crossing of the Red Sea! This will happen in 28 of Iyar, but don’t hold me to it. I’m going to sit with The Holy One, blessed be He for a cup of coffee. I need to ask him what exactly his plans are for the 11th plague, the plague of Corona. If there are any changes I will let you know. I remember reading in the Torah, I remember it because I wrote it, “And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the voice of the horn”. You, too, will now get to see the voice of the horn. Happy Purim, Happy Purim, like all our Purim parties and parties in general, This party, too, is decentralized, so instead of just me being here and talking, Is there someone else here who would like to do a dvar Torah, performance, something for Purim, sending gifts of food to people? Anyone, anything? Shmuel, what about you? How come you dropped this chore on me all of a sudden… But I’m actually looking at the issue of the Corona, and the mitzvos, which bring us to a place, where if the corona is spreading so quickly, without that much of a warning, it could be that your warning, Moses, that you’re warning that the Bitcoin is going to spread just like the Corona. But on the positive side of the map. That is, if the Corona is something negative, we will take the Bitcoin, and spread it like the Corona as something positive, and then it will take over, the Bitcoin Torah will rule the world, and then we will truly get real liberty, economically, mentally, and we will love, love, love our hoildays, happy Purim! Well done, well done, Amen, happy Purim, happy Purim, Come one, someone else. Come one, dvar Torah, dvar Bitcoin, dvar Purim. Ok. Sarah, would you like to say something? Come to the mic. Venahafoch hu (the situation was reversed), indeed, we are now in a holiday of reversals, Instead of us fearing the Corona will infect us, Now the Corona is afraid of us, that we will not heaven forbid infect it and destroy the Corona and it will have to sit in quarantine. Ok, so thank you very much, enjoy the rest of the evening.

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