Pusheen: How to Have a Perfect Birthday

How to Have a Perfect Birthday Wake up Eat up Level up Grow up The End

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  1. Usually when people post stuff like this Might be having a birthday on that day but not always Annoying orange posted a video about that too and somebody else asked how to have a big birthday party!

  2. you posted this on my birthday (9th feb), what are the odds? and btw might i add i absolutely love your animations; they're just so smooth and cute 💜

  3. This came in my recommendations today, which is also the day I’m celebrating my mum’s birthday.
    Is YouTube watching me?-

  4. I've seen a few of your videos, but haven't though of subscribing until now. Also, when Pusheen and her friends were gaming, I imagined they were playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

  5. Words cannot describe how happy I am to have be posted on my birthday. It's the perfect gift. I love Pusheen so much!

  6. she should go around with a party hat on, and one of those birthday blowers, and have people wish her a happy birthday and give her a BIG hug

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