Putin At Legendary KAMAZ 50th Anniversary: We Bow To Founders Of This Enterprise! You Are The Brand

Good afternoon, dear friends. Hello,
Today is a great day, a jubilee – KAMAZ is 50 years old. Congratulations! And of course, I think this was already mentioned, but there is no harm in repeating it: we bow to those who laid the foundation for this enterprise and put their heart into it. I mean the workers, builders, engineers and scientists, who launched this outstanding and exciting project in 1969. People came here from all over the Soviet Union; they formed a unique workforce in terms of composition. Of course, all of you love your native city, your Republic of Tatarstan and your heart and soul are with our greater common Homeland, Russia. People of various ethnic origins, religions and different ages have worked and are working here today. We have a good mix here – very energetic and forward-thinking. Wonderful young people. We have just visited the production shops – people are thinking about the future. And what cutting-edge, remarkable products you make, great machines! Naturally, we are proud of our brand in this country, but KAMAZ has become an international brand too, partly due to your and our rally drivers who achieve impressive results every year and never spare themselves at these prestigious international competitions. Let’s congratulate them on their victories once again. I want to thank you all again for your work. All of us, the entire country is proud of your achievements. My congratulations on the 50th anniversary of KAMAZ. Good luck!

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  1. 😍😍😍hello Mr.Presiden.Absolutely..You are genius.. All Russian people proud of You sir. hope You long life and become strong to be success leader. ok that'all. Thank's.

  2. God bless Pres Putin a great innovative leader recognizing Kaman from its humble beginnings and built by passionate people with vision.

  3. THAT'S IT, this is what genuine Leaders invest in, building individuals, Civility, Societies and Economic infrastructures one block at a time. Thank you so much Papa Putin, for reevaluating the purposes, cause effects and Sustainability of a beautiful historical domain. I am enormously greatful that you visioned the latter results than blindly gasping to the fabricated tales of the past. The future is bright, through the grace of God, hard work and determination, optimistic changes is promising. Long life, perfect Health and continued courage to you Papa Putin, God bless.

  4. No surprise here, since many of the inventions the world uses today are actually Russian. Russia is always victorious, including in sports as Putin pointed out. Anything Russia 🇷🇺 touches turns to gold. Go Putin, go Russia 🇷🇺!

  5. Putin is the definition of a camera WHORE……When you don't have a brain…..Mindlessly worship our supreme leader of the world Vlad P

  6. Someday our Wladmir Putin will come! Russia has the best president, the best wepons and the most beautiful women in the world! Congrats, Czar Putin, you've made Russia great again! F… the USA

  7. Much talent. The angels fall. Then teach the daughters of men to make tools of metal and glass. Then the sons of daughters and giants convinced men that they thought of it all on there own. They gave us the sin of pride. Tell everyone what they want to hear. There is coming an awakening in Russian and throughout the face of the earth. The real King is here. Let him into your heart so you don’t end up driving your fancy new truck into the abyss.50 years ago Russia claimed the moon landings were faked. They were right. Someone told them to lie about it and they changed the story to not faked. Perhaps that’s when Kamaz got all the start up money. Who doesn’t think Putin and us presidents don’t know all about it. Fake cold wars and gulags notwithstanding. May god bless the people of Russia and all the tartarians of old.

  8. Best truck in the World.
    Has won the Daiar Rally 14 times, a world record.

    P.S. CIA trolls and ukropnazis will cry and rage 🙂

  9. Now USA , are putting Sanctions Yet again Against Russia…. Because Russia selling Natural Gas to Europe..and USA wanted to Sell their Gas…. (Full of Shit). ..They unhappy and say they are at war with Europe over Us Europe buying from Russia …F. off USA. This is Europe not USA…. I hope US air bases are closed About time you Yanks Go home…

  10. Putin è un uomo eccezionale e che pensa al suo destino e popolo e cerca di spronare per il miglioramento della vita!

  11. God bless you Russia. ..in all the ethnic groups you are made of. .you are a great nation…your human talents are incredible ..bless your leader President Putin. … from Beirut Lebanon. .,

  12. Putin continuing to work on his image while running for President of the world. trumpy finalizing sale of USA to Putin.

  13. KAMAZ hav3vyo be done the best tricks in the world today. And for the president to personally congratularexthem in their anniversary is an amazing thing. You wouldn't get that over here in blighted I used to say Blighty, blighted is much more appropriate in this day and age. in a million years. ..

  14. Putin was also shown a new KAMAZ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olcO2zawKig then he put an autograph on the door: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3pBsF5dC0E

  15. Oh my God. I wish this man was the President of my country.
    A President of a big nation, who is always busy with countless important matters and affairs both nationally and internationally, still finds time to thank his people, a way to express and represent the gratitude of the entire country to a group of dedicated people. This act right here has shown how great he is.
    From the bottom of my heart and soul, I respect the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin!
    And may Russia prosper!
    From a fan in Viet Nam.

  16. 💫Always Best and Great Man President Putin Respect and Love From India🇮🇳👍👏✊❤
    God Bless Mother Russia 🇷🇺❤💫

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