PVSTEAM Celebration 2019

(upbeat music) We hold this every year to celebrate the
kinds of great STEM and arts activities that go on around our district. Children
that are in our school district from pre-k all the way to 12th grade can
participate. (Jeff) My favorite thing has been really seeing all the different exhibits.
I enjoyed the solar robots over there I got to drive them around and seeing the
guitar exhibit. And the dogs, the kids have enjoyed. And we’ve been enjoying
petting all the dogs. (Phil) We also had the district’s Science and Engineering Fair
this morning. (upbeat music) We have teams that competed. And the goal is for eight team people to
complete 25 Rubik’s cubes as fast as they can. And believe it or not we had
teams complete eight cubes in 25 seconds in less than two minutes! Which is
amazing. (Jeff) This is a great event because, I think it gets kids excited about science
and technology. And I think it’s great to get them excited about learning new
things. (Phil) This whole event is all about the community coming together and
celebrating what is great in STEM and the arts. (upbeat music)

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