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Goren so then it’s probably the same route is going my prep school tailors were called Goren German enough Really, we get our uniforms made yeah Tailoring shop outfit school go decide this young sir Nor would I like to wear a cravat on the cross-country run They’ve been spotted in Heat magazine spotted Bank pence remark You get yours made specially by the Queen’s tame I thought you’d have had your dumb loom by exquisite boys I can’t wear these he’s got a mole on his face I know gotta help What are the beer goggles or what is the Latin term? Beer goggles yeah, then you got the beer go when you really fancy someone who normally wouldn’t fantasy Oh Someone is a seven pointer Have bigger was he has Madeira pass name Oh, you’re a cracker, Molinaro Hello, that’s the word H-e-l-l-o the word that existed before as hello hu double ello, which never meant a greeting it just meant an expression of surprise What’s this we still use it to make sense When we live our life, thank 1950s detective Do you have children no, oh well, there’s when you do them, remember you don’t know you Know there’s no no you’re not gonna doctor little shiny Even reveal his plans for a child birthing workshop To a high Sheen more like a little boy Johnny Estrada, we’ll put you in Herod’s window Your face According to the OECD the Organization of Economic Cooperation development international body They prevent all the different nations of the earth And they found that it accorded to fillings and decay and so on the British children had the best teeth on Planet Earth go to one particular school in nothing They said that we’ve got that’s because we’ve got less fillings, maybe it’s because we don’t go to the dentist – – who know it’s to whom Pigley olden days yeah a certain class of person could eventually ruled the roost, but that was an hour ago Yes And you had to throw yourself into the gutter if one approaches you well sometimes. They have strong Stern and absurd moral views oh They won’t I like to walk well. Yes if you imagine. I’m not having the working classes Next to each other understood because you can only deed to touch it I know you think you’re doing a voice, but that is how you talk? Peace Some people say a minion sources come up lovely with the rhubarb until his silver silver does very well in silver with rhubarb Just rub it in like that and then knew that it because if I walked into a room and saw a man rubbing rhubarb on myself Beat him with an inch of his life well anyway it seems to be true These are goods ecologically sound things we may have to return to the days when we used Lemon and vinegar and brown sauce I never get the coppers out my pocket and think they look a bit dull Coins I was saying a kettle for example or any other Fluffy Duffy Dickensian world of charm like you The Argus Warnings I do power Proper capital had proper porcelain deep You’re cleaning a kettle with some brown Stephen Tsai for HP They say of the Acropolis web where the path amenities They saved the Acropolis with I think save the Acropolis where the path alone is Oh It’s better be good Moving on the tree glyph is a remnant of the stone Question what do they say? They say They say it’s going to say he’s going to To save a stir about the They say the Acropolis, but there are no straight lines

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  1. Hullo is very common. Its just that everyone thinks they're saying "hello"
    Ever used it as an expression of surprise – you said hullo possibly without knowing it.

  2. Why didn't Stephen just qualify the shiny baby faux pas by explaining that what he actually meant, when he referred to a newly born baby, was that it was so new, it was still wet and hence, "shiny"?
    I saw that.
    Didn't anyone else?

  3. The last one, about the Acropolis is true. They were very smart and always wanted to perfect things so every line is bend, so that when you look up to it it appears straight.

  4. And then Stephen revealed his plans for a child buffing workshop, where craftsmen will get toddlers to a high sheen. More lacquer little boy?

  5. 1:53, Classic Winding Up Stephen. having his pants made on looms by exquisite boys, I can't wear these, he has a mole. such a gouging dig and yet hysterically funny.

  6. Didn't realise Stephen Fry is coming to my suburb of Dublin to give 2 talks at a book festival and I didn't know until both were sold out. Totally gutted

  7. it's 2019 and even after seeing it for I don't even know how many times, the acropolis bit has yet again left me in stitches

  8. I can transliterate "Pasne" into Google and it somehow knows I'm trying to look up Pince-nez glasses.
    There's even an Urban Dictionary entry for "Madeira Pince-Nez" a few results down.

  9. Stephen's applauding and genuine guffaw at Matt Lucas's Knock-Knock joke is priceless! Not only is the joke funny, but also, I'm sure, Stephen being Stephen, loved, (and was relieved at), the fact that Matt cleverly got him back after he corrected him!

  10. Why did you not include the two instances on Emma Thompson's appearance where she poked fun at Stephen? One had her point out that Stephen was the first citation in the Oxford English Dictionary under the entry for "Luvvie"; whilst the other had her shaking her chest at him!

  11. Sherry monocle 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this has replaced beer goggles in my vocabulary. Also bill bailey has become the "dalai farmer"

  12. I sometimes tell my cat "you're the furriest one" in Phil Jupitus's Stephen Fry voice, but no one ever laughs because it's a pretty obscure reference and I live alone.

  13. That Sarah woman gets on my bloody nerves. It's like having chalk on a blackboard listening to it. Also…The thought of her breeding makes me want to pull an ear off.

  14. Great teamwork by the panelists on "They say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is…". Brilliant piece of television.

  15. I dumbfounded by my love for this show. All seasons, both hosts, the vast majority of guests.

    QI might be the best thing BBC has ever produced, including the the rich wealth led by Sir David Attenborough. It's rarified trivia filtered with base and raunchy jokes. That's all it is. And it's _great_.

  16. Fifty people showing off how clever they all are, and I can't understand a f—ing word. Are they speaking English?

  17. I think it's sort of sad Sarah millican won't be a mum …. imagine how hillarious it would be if she was your mum

  18. The last bit with the Acropolis was more like abusing Steven, not just poking fun. As he said to Sandi, "You have no idea!"

  19. I dunno where Jimmy Carr gets off making fun of other people's posh accents when he laughs like an heiress in an anime and looks like the guy Our High-Born Heroine ditches to live happily ever after with Our Poor But Honest Hero in act three.

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