QnA RESPONSE // QnA + VOICE REVEALED (Birthday special!!!!!!) +13

[Cheesy Music] well, hello Today is my birthday and i have decided to do the QnA video
[Excited noises] since some of you guys wanna hear my voice and, here you go! This is my real voice
[voice] First thing first! I’m sorry for my bad English because, English isn’t my native language Before we start the video, I have seen some of you guys asked me about Linze so if this’s about our relationship then, we are just friends Stellar melody: HAPPY early BIRTHDAY SIS! is me stellar melody I have a question: How are you? Anna: well, i’m doin’ fine WAFFLECAT: What is your most favourite colour(s)??? also happy advance existence day!!! Anna: My most favorite colors are BLUE and PURPLE because they look amazing when you combine them together L. H: Do you have a pet? What’s your favorite game? Anna: I used to have some golden fishes then i actually killed them all
[Genocide] I was… pretty young that time I mean, i just picked them up and showed them some affections and i even forgot that fish needs water to live
[RIP Magikarp 20??-20??] My favorite games? I’m not into games much but, I… remember i used to play Undertale, DELTARUNE and Cuphead umm nowwww I’m currently playing Pokemon Ultra Moon since I came back to the Pokemon fandom so i guess that’s my favorite? N.C.J.H: On a scale from 1 to 10, how much (do) you like acids? Anna: i’m not a fan of chemistry because, yeah, i always get low score in Chemistry tests However Acids are great! but, be careful kids they are dangerous they are dangerous
(but they can be cute :>>) and for the question… i’ll go with SEVEN (7) i don’t know why i chose that number Dreamcatcher13: hey Anna, it’s me DaydreamerArtist13 i hope you’re doing well and since you’re doing an QnA video i wanted to ask these questions below me sorry if these questions are too long to you Who are your siblings? Do you like your school? Where (do) you live? Is it hot or cold there right now? When did you stop drawing your cuphead fanchilds? How are things with you and nikytale? Is your relationship okay? What fun activities do you and your family do? When did you start drawing? How would you describe yourself in one or more words? like sweet, kind spirited, et cetera (etc) Anna: My siblings… oh well, you just need to know that i have 3 siblings and, i’m the oldest sister [h m m] Do I like my school? well… yes of course i do I live in the biggest city in South Vietnam and DAMNNN, it’s hot in here i left theee… Cuphead fandom like for a long time ago so yea that was also the time i stopped drawing my Cuphead fanchild… [Anna and nikytale quesiton] well… we’re still fine and it has been a while since i last talked with her but yea, we’re ok also Niko, if you are watching this hello there and hope you’re doing good [family activities question] we usually talked in the meal like almost every meals in a day because, yea, that’s our really neat culture sometimes we spent time together by going out but it’s sad because we don’t do that often anymore [one word describe question] i’m not sure how to describe myself well… i’ll go with shy because, yea i’m pretty shy currently in real life Tally animates: What do you do to get inspiration? uahh well… I usually watched some animation memes or maybe speedpaints to get inspiration sometimes by musics Catheri Explonaid: well this is the first time so i gonna ask you something Will you redraw your countrysona? Do you gonna leave Countryhuman fandom? That’s all sorry for my bad English 🙂 One, i don’t use her anymore For your final question I have already left the countryhuman fandom but yea, i still draw and animate about it YukiRaa_: R u A hOoMaN? [i’m not sure if i’m a human or not but that question really got me into deep thought] well, i guess i am
[or am i?] T. N: What’s your favourite fandoms and reason u like it pls? Anna: I don’t have any favourite fandom I mean… each fandom has their own great things a- and, not to mention about the bad things that those fandoms have well… this is obvious because every fandom does have their bad sides I can have somthing that i feel annoyed about it so yea… I’m not considering my favorite fandoms such as Pokemon, Countryhuman, et cetera to be my favorite fandoms However, I do enjoy staying independent ignore the fact about all the best sides they have A. H. N: What or who inspired you to start doing Youtube animations? k, so things started when i was 10 that was when the first time I started to use social medias I was watching stuffs on Youtube then I found out about Speedpaints I watched many speedpaint videos from different artists but the only artist that i adore the most was Emala Jiss Emala Jiss inspired me a lot that time I always, i mean, always watch her videos like every videos of hers that, i actually copied her artstyle
[exposed] so one day I asked myself “Why not becoming a speedpainter like Emala Jiss?” thennn I went ahead and created a Youtube account for myself and I posted speedpaint videos like her SPiky: What is your favourite country? If there’re too much, can you name 5 countries?? Yea, you are right i have too many fav countries so my top 5 fav countries aree
[drumroll] Germany (cars boi) France (baguettes boi) Russia (slav boi) Japan (old boi or anime boi) and Canada (maple syrup boi or over-apology boi) [end] Spectre Gaming: How did you know chloe draws? (the one from pusher meme you collaborated with? I just searched countryhumans and I saw her channel That’s all Raiza Megumi: Have you ever fangirl-ed over someone so much that you made a channel about it? Anna: well… I had uhhh well almost I was about to post an animation meme with my character with Sans but i gave up doing that because i lost the file plus I lost my like for sans so yea khatulisti. art: What is your favorite hobby? and what kinda stuffs or something you like to do when you were bored? well. My favorite hobby is drawing and animating and when i’m bored I usually draw If i have an artblock I’ll listen to music or chat with friends Thanks for reading my subtitle, this is made by one of her fans and not by bots or automated Youtube features
[End Music] Tbh, she makes some real arts and her personality is kinda unique
[Elevator Music] You can support her, or not, it’s your choice, no pushing
[Waiting for Alien Invasion music]

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    I'm aware that Vietnam has a HUGE harem LMAO so me is wondering that who do ya ship Vietnam the most with? :O

    edit: also happy b-day XD

  2. special question (i know you're not gonna answer but ok)
    Chị có nhận quà dành cho cả ngày phụ nữ việt nam và sinh nhật hay nhận riêng thôi?

  3. HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!! oh BTW this is PhiRusGer typing on my mother's phone and youtube account, sry but my youtube is broken so i cannot sign up so i decided to greet you in my mother's account sooooo………. 🙂

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNAAA!! A AA I really like your voice and the drawings in this video is really adorableee uwu- happy birthday againnf 😤😤👏👏👏👏👌👌👏👌👌👏👌

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