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hey guys today I’m going to show you three quick and easy party hacks now you can use to jazz up your party balloons our first idea is a confetti cannon balloon and we’re going to need some confetti a sturdy cardboard tube wooden spoon a dowel rod and some transparent balloons that you can buy from both parties ofr and then we’re going to use our darling rods to help push the confetti into the cardboard tube and we’re going to place the transparent loon on the other end to catch all the confetti it’s really simple easy and you can use ready-made confetti from a confetti cannon like I said or you can buy your confetti from both basket I fart and ready to be used the amount of confetti uses up to you but I’ve used between 1 and 2 cups to get my balloons nice and full this next idea is confetti shapes balloon because we’re using some colored paper some round paper punches and some geometric shapes like stars or diamonds and we’re making our own confetti from scratch so you simply punch out the little circles from the college paper and mix it with your shiny shapes here we’re using little golden stars to make our lovely personalized confetti which is a great idea for birthday parties then we just proceed as before and using a cardboard tube to fill the transparent balloons and then you shake all the confetti in there and then you’re ready to party this next idea is my all-time favorite because you’ve guessed it it’s a golden shiny glitter balloon and we’re using superfine gold glitter and just as before fill the balloons up shake it all about and then you’re ready party or celebration rap and all that’s left to do is to fill up your balloon with some helium or using a balloon air pump and there you have it three easy and super fun balloon cranks for your next party or celebration I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video and have a go getting creative at home and if you do don’t forget to share your photos with us on social media thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time bye bye ciao ciao Oh wha

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