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You wanna be able to just get a little sneak peek? Hey everyone, welcome back! I’m Antoinette if you don’t know me. We’re gonna do naan pizzas today and I don’t have a lot of time during the week so we
gotta get this done. It takes about 15 minutes, it’s really delicious, so let’s
get into it. First we have naan bread. It’s great for vegetarians, it’s
dairy-free, it’s also kosher as well as halal certified so you can’t
beat that. The next thing we’re gonna need is mozzarella and provolone cheese.
I love Sargento because this cheese actually melts. If your cheese doesn’t melt
that’s kind of a problem. Add a little bit of parmesan. And because I like meat and
pepperoni we’re gonna have a bunch of pepperoni. Next we’re gonna have some
Classico sauce. This is the tomato and basil kind; it’s really good, followed by
Italian seasoning. The Italian seasoning it’s just a mix of basil,
oregano, parsley, and marjoram. You can just get that at the store, it’s that easy. I
also have some black olives, roma tomatoes, a couple of mushrooms, and just
a couple just little small slices of red pepper, green pepper, and yellow pepper. I
also have my bougie cucumber water because, you know, while I’m waiting I
like to sip on it, it tastes good. That’s nice! We have, of course, a baking
sheet. You can use whatever you have but I like this one because it has a bunch
of holes in it so you get a nice crisp at the bottom. Of course you have to have
your big, old knife everybody has; that big old knife that they love to just
chop things with. A basic tablespoon for the sauce and your pizza roller. The
next step is to actually set your oven. I want to set mine to about 400
degrees because again we want a nice crisp crust on here. If you set it to low it’ll cook longer and it won’t be as crispy; it’ll
be a little bit soggy and you don’t really want soggy. The first thing
we’re gonna do, is we’re actually going to wash the vegetables because you don’t
want to eat dirty vegetables. That’s that’s not cool. As you can see, I’m
straight chillin’! I’ll start off with the tomatoes I already kinda have one sliced.
However you want your tomatoes – if you want it diced or not, but you want some
nice, thin slices. I like mine a little bit on the
whole side so we’re going to slice these pretty thin. We’re gonna grab some of the naan. There’s
two sides to naan: there’s this textured side and then there’s this
nice, flat side. We want the textured side down. All right, now we’re going to work on
actually putting the pizza together. There’s a fun technique that we
used to use and I’ll show you right now. As you open up your [pizza] sauce…actually I’m going to get Hun to open it up because you know what? Sometimes opening
up sauce is hard. Get it, hun! See? Look, he makes it so easy, it’s not fair (it’s not fair!) You get a tablespoon, mix it up, and you put two big ‘ol
helpings right in the center of the naan. Sometimes you can do two and a half [tablespoons].
Take your spoon, the back side of your spoon, and gently press in
the middle and watch it poof out. Then you start making slow circles to
spread out the sauce. If you like crust, then give yourself more of a crust.
If you don’t – I don’t really care for crust, I like to put my [sauce] close to the
end. Voila! You have the perfect pizza spiral. Keep doing it over and
over again. There you go! The next step, we’re going to add some of the mozzarella
cheese. Similar to the swirl, we’re gonna place a big handful right in
the middle. We’re not gonna use all of the cheese because we want to leave some
for the toppings.You’ll see why. All right, now a little parmesan.
Sprinkle just a little dab. Same thing – we work from the center on out to
spread. Spread the love, spread the cheese! The next thing I like to do is add the
meat, so we’re going to go with pepperoni next. After this we’re gonna lay
out our delicious tomatoes. Let me just throw them right on top. The next order
of business, we have the mushrooms. Now we’re going to do our peppers. I’m just
gonna mix the peppers up into 1/3 bundles and then just sprinkle. Sprinkle, sprinkle,
sprinkle. And as I sprinkle, I’m trying not to get the ingredients on the actual pan because
that makes for a messy cleanup later. You’re baking this at 400 degrees and
yes, it will stick, so I try to get everything off the bottom of the pan and
onto the actual pizzas. Gotta stay hydrated. Now we have the final piece of
the puzzle which is to top it off with more cheese so that everything
stays in place and sticks together. So that’s what we’re gonna do now and top everything
off. We have our Italian seasoning here. Open that up, put a nice little sprinkle.
All right, now, there we have it! The next step is to get this bad boy in the oven. We’re gonna set a timer for 12 minutes. – Are you ready to eat, babe?
– I’m definitely hungry!
– Yeah, so we’re definitely going to get something to eat. So as we’re waiting,
to make the most of our time, actually, we’re gonna take a sip of bougie water.
Yeah! While the pizza’s cooking we can start cleaning and save time. So we’re all done cleaning up, that was pretty
simple, and we still have about an additional seven, eight minutes almost.
Seven minutes, 53 seconds to go. Now we just wait. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, woohoo! Open it up – this is what we have so far. What you’re looking for is to see if the cheese has melted and if
the crust is golden brown and nice and crisp. We can see it’s kind of golden
brown over here on this side and he’s just gonna put it, rest it right on top
of the stove. Let’s chop it up! As I’m cutting this,
what are your favorite pizza toppings? Do you guys like anchovies? Do
you do pineapple or barbecue chicken? And have you tried any other
breads besides naan bread? I know there’s standard pizza crusts, but what other
crusts have you tried? I know there’s all these different kinds, so if you have
your favorite put it down in the comments below. Let me know, ok? We have
our two naan pizzas ready to eat. If you like this recipe and this video give it a
thumbs up, click to subscribe to my channel. Now that you know how to make a naan
pizza, it’s time for you to have fun, frolic! Have courage, and go make your own.

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