Quinceanera Centerpiece Ideas: Easy DIY Using Mason Jars

Hey Girls! and welcome back. The title pretty much gives it away but I
hope you guys are as excited as I am to see these ultimate DIY ideas for your quince centerpieces. To create these we specifically used mason
jars. Which you can purchase at Michaels, any craft
store, or dollar store. Just a quick little FYI I’m not really a crafty
person myself, but together we can create the cutest quinceañera centerpieces. Feel free to mix and match these ideas to
make your very own arrangements. Now let’s get started! To create a boho inspired centerpiece here
are the supplies you will need. Just to give you guys a quick visual since
they’ll be listed down below on the description box. First we start off by using a glitter tape. We will wrap around the jar. We’ll move on to decorating the top with this super
cute laced ribbon. We measure the ribbon first to make sure we
get the perfect size and then add hot glue to prevent the ribbon from falling. Once it’s on I folded the top and I also added
a cute touch with this small chalkboard label that gives it more of a bohemian look. Once it’s all set and fixed accordingly you can
tie it up and add a little more hot glue to make sure it stays on. Feel free to add flowers of your choice. Arrange them nicely and then add some water. You can write whatever you want on the chalkboard
since it is a centerpiece I decided to label it by tables which can be a great idea for
seating arrangements as well. Perfect for an under the sea theme this design
is simple but very nice. We start off by adding pebbles inside a
mason jar. To give it away add anything related to your
theme in this case we’ll be hot glueing a starfish and seashell onto the sides of the
jar. We then add water and seal the jar shut finishing
our arrangement. An easy to do set you can do for a colorful
theme is this food coloring mini flower vase. At it agin with the glitter tape we wrap it
around the mini jar. This time I wrapped the top and the bottoms
parts. Add some water all the way to the top. And add 1 to 2 drops of your preferred food
coloring. To top it off put in some flowers. Arrange them nicely and ta-da. A colorful beautiful spring arrangement. You can create a stylish look that fits any
theme by using a stencil. We’ll be using a crown stencil to symbolize
us being a princess of course. Cut out the stencil. Add tape and then stick it on the outside
of the jar. Add some glue. Don’t worry if it looks like a hot mess this
isn’t the final look. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and then
carefully very very carefully take off the stencil design. Add water beads which by the way these little
thingamajigger are so cool to play with. Anyways off topic. To finish it off put in some nice flowers
and it’s all done. Now the best for last. This arrangement can be used for pretty much
any theme as well. I started off by adding glue around the top. And then we dabbed on some nice glitter. I also included some really nice flowers and
then added all these cute jewels and pebbles to hold the flowers still. Add some water as a final touch. And there you have an easy yet gorgeous centerpiece. Hope you guys enjoyed these ideas. Comment down below with the DIY arrangements
you’d like to see next. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and I’ll
see you guys soon! Bye.

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  1. can you also make a video talking about how to set up the tables and the salon. like where should the tables be and where should the dj be or where should the food be. should i have a table just for me and my court or a table just for me and my mom dad and siblings

  2. Thanks so much!!!! My theme is sea theme and my dress is blue!!! We went to goodwill and the big Mason jars were only 88 cents!!!

  3. At a previous quinceñera i was at , they had flower shaped candels,put a glass upside down and glued the candle on the bottom and during the party lit them up at night

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