Quinceañeras Are More Than a Birthday Party | ¡FIESTA! Quinceañera Ep. 1

(light piano music) – I wanna little hot dog
stand and fries and milkshakes and stuff like that. And she was like,
“No, what is that?” She was like, “You’re Hispanic.” “You’re not white.” Or, like, oh, was
that bad to say? (upbeat Latin music) (speaking in Spanish) (camera shutter clicks) (speaking in Spanish) (speaking in Spanish) – You have to combine both, like your culture and,
like, our culture. Because that’s what you
are and who you are, so. (speaking in Spanish) I had to kinda, get
rid of those thoughts, and stick with the more Mexican
side. (Latin guitar music) – [Man] Is this here okay? (speaking in Spanish) – I feel like, when
they give you the doll, they’re just like, oh,
here’s your last toy. You’re an adult now. (speaking in Spanish) They’re like, your
childhood is over now. It’s like responsibility
time and, yeah. (upbeat Latin music) (speaking in Spanish) (singing in Spanish)
(upbeat Latin music) (upbeat Latin music)
– C’mon dance with me. I’m in my feelings,
guys. (laughs) (speaking in Spanish) (inspirational music) – I don’t do drive by
quinceaneras, you know. The limo, they roll
down the window and, “Can you bless my 15
year-old daughter?” No, sign her up for religious
formation and we’ll see. It is serious, and we
want to take it seriously. – I don’t wanna go to church, because there’s this
part where they just talk and talk and talk, and
I’m just falling asleep. I actually do like going to
church, is just that part. I was like, “Okay, I
could stay here at home “and like not do anything.” It’s Sunday, I might
have homework to do, like why would I go to church? – A lot of quinceaneras
don’t come to church. They don’t do any
religious part at all, they just go to the party. (fast electronic music) What makes a quinceanera
mass a quinceanera mass is that declaration. It is them standing up in front
of their family and friends and saying, “I’m gonna
live as a Christian woman”. Make sure the dress
is not too long, that you’re not like stumbling. Get a tailor if you have to, have it pinned up
if you need to. There’s gonna be a traffic
jam after the mass, trying to get to the Virgin. – [Woman] Yeah yeah yeah. – So, if you’re here early,
you can take the photos of the Virgin before
the mass starts. (paper crinkling) – My mom, she has always
taught me to save money and whatever you
want to look for it, not saying cheapest, but the
most economic and good thing. She fell in love with Pinterest, because she found a
lot of center pieces, a lot of decorations
and then she was like, “Oh, I like this.” And I was like, “Oh,
I don’t like it.” But then she would still do it. (speaking in Spanish) – I think everything
that she didn’t get to do in her quinceanera, she’s trying
to do it in my quinceanera. Which, I kind of don’t like
it but I have to let her be because I mean if she doesn’t
make her dreams come true then, one day she’ll die and she’ll never get
a chance to do them. So, yeah… (mellow music) (chopping) (speaking in Spanish) (melancholy music) (speaking in Spanish) – The one thing I’ll sit
there and say about America is there’s still a lot
of racial slurs here which that kinda
really truly upsets me. I mean you call this
the land of the free, let it be the land of free. I mean, you got people
out here that got families that work hard and send
money back to Mexico. It’s the cable shifter. (speaking in Spanish) (laughing) (speaking in Spanish) – Have a good day, y’all. – You too, thank you.
– Thank you. (speaking in Spanish) – Oh yes. (laughing) – Next Fantasy (laughing)

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  1. What a fascinating video! A reminder that cultural values and clashes can best be found in the little details. Great editing, too (especially the rolling carrot).

  2. I love these stories. I know and love Fernanda and her family and am so happy to see them featured this way. Great storytelling.

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