R64: Stupid Mario Party

[Intro] EXPLOSION! MAMA F**KER! IT’S-A LOVELY DAY (Nah, it’s something ALWAYS wrong in the SMG4 world) (Everything. Everything could be wrong.) Toad: YHEA! OHOOO! MEHOOO! Ohh… No. Huh… Mario: Can I have sum monney naow? *Toad Gibberish* MERO PERTEH DADADADADDADADADADAAAA Yoshi: Yosheee! Yoshi: I want to die. Toad: Ohh… Ha HA! Toad: He He He HAA! Ha Ha ha… HALELUJAH Mario: WOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAH *Toad laughing* YEEHAW! Mario (with spongebob voice): I NEED IT! (nopey nope) Toad: NOOOOOO! D: Toad: waaaaooh! awowowo Toad: Weeheee! Luigi: Oooh… Mario: Yippie! 😀 Yoshi: I want to die! Toad: Here we GO! Okay! Koopa: LabalalalaabbabblblbABALAABBALAALABABBABabababalalblblbaBALBLABLABLAbalaballalabalbllbablbalblaLBABALABALB (the gibberish is so retarded so I couldn’t put a subtitle right there) *Silence* Mario: Oh, I guess that makes sense. Luigi: WHAAAAT!!!??? Shroom: JUST GET IN THE FRICKEN CAERE!!!!! *GUNSHOT* *BOOM HEADSHOT* *DEAD* *Toadian Gibberish* *Dice rolled* 3 dots iloominatie confrimed Y O U G O T S O M E M O N E H ! kermit: TIME FER A MINIGAME ASSWIPES! Kermit: It’s time for a game where you can win coins! Kermit: I like killing! 😀 Mario: Yaaaaaaay! Peach: Uh… Excuse me, but… Kermit: Smash each other with these crowbars! 😀 Last one standing wins! Peach: Oh no! Peach: OH HELL NOOOOOO- *Peach is out*
*Mario’s LOVE Increased* Mario LV 2 HP 20/24 WTF?! Yoshee: OH MY GOD *Yoshi is out*
*Mario’s LOVE Increased* Luigi: PLZ DONT HURT MEH *Luigi is out*
*Mario’s LOVE Increased* Kermit: Mario wins! :DD good job mario won MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY
*Mario Earned 10 GOLD
Mario LV 4 HP 20/32 *Toadderish* Mario: Yeah! 2 much memes Y O U L O S T S O M E M O N E H Mario: OH NO!!! Toad: You stupid.. BITCH Kermit: Who’s ready for another minigame?? 😀 Peach: NNNNAAAAOOOOOO *fallin’* Mario: Hmmmm… (kermit explaining minigame) Kermit: Alright, all you have to do in this minigame is just chill. Peach: All right! Not bad! (uh oh) Kermit: …..chill while I try to murder you guys!>:) Keyrmit: YEEEEY! Peach: SHET! Carmutt: I LOVE MURDER! I LOVE KILLING! I LOVE MURDER! *everyone panicking while yoshi is listening to the rules (for once)* yoshi: MY BODY IS READY! *Italian BS* *luigi screaming* Mario: ♪ elmo’s world ♪ [*Luigi is out]
Mario: Mama F***ER! Merio: Heeeeyyy stinky! fuck this shit im out
*Peach is out* mario: WOW WHAT AN ASSHOLE! lelelelelelelelelelelelelelelele mario: WAAAAAH! *Mario is out* cuz he actually just chilled
*Yoshi Earned 10 GOLD* MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY Yoshi: but i wanna die! it’s a 4 (green space) Luigi: Whaaa? Mamma mia…. oh cool . .. … Mario: WAHTDAFUQK YOLOOOOOOOOO *Everyone screams* -OOOOOOOOOO mario is being useful WHAT? *Italian* (everyone agrees) Mario: You go get some sausage. Imma gonna get some spaghetti. Yoshi: Uh huh…uh-huh. Luigi: Huh? Peach: What the F*ck are you talking abo- mario: and you gotta chase me with the pizza! mario: Of course, you’re gonna eat the pizza. uhoh mario: O SHET BOOM Mario LV SP4GHETTI HP 1/32
Luigi LV SPAGHETT1 HP 1/20
Peach LV CAK3 HP 2/20
Yoshi LV 3 HP 1/20 the time? yeah it’s 5PM (yea when i just typed it turned 5) Shy Guy: YAAA TOAST (Kermit explaining toast minigame) Kermit: In this game, just copy what the shy guy does with his toast! so get ready shy guy: YAAA TOWST Yoshi – OK Peach – OK Luigi – OK Mario – WTF?! STOP EATING THE TOAST! Toast Fairy: BEEP [OH NO!]
Mario LV SP4GHETTI HP 0/32 TAOST Luigi: Waaah! YAAAH TOOST (PPAP Reference) Shy Guy: YAAAA Shy Guy: TOA- SIKE! Peach: Yes! Peach: Oh wait wait wai- Toast Guy: BEEP! ;D peach: YOU SON OF A BETCH! [MISSION FAILED]
Peach LV CAK3 HP 0/20 Shy Guy: “It’s high TOAAAAST” luigi & yoshi have poker faces(what’s it gonna be?) (we may never know..) (CMON YOU HAVE A HAUNTED MANSION WHY SO SCARED) *Yoshi looking like an idiot* Shy guy: EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe Luigi: WAHT THE F*CK? Yoshi went out crazy Trolling Toast Fairy: EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE U MAD? luigi: WHAAAAT?! (TOO MUCH MATHS) MATHS OVERFLOW [BRAIN DAMAGE]
Yoshi LV 9 HP 0/20 luigi: WAAAAAH! (wrong) shy guy: BEEP!!! 😀 luigi: F*CK! [YOU ARE FIRED]
Luigi LV SPAGHETT1 HP 0/20 game over (kermit said copy what shy guy does with his toast, and they didn’t spam up and down on burnt/cooked toast) toad: STUPID! STUPID! STOOPID! i forgot we were playing mario party *Crash* OH NO WE NEED TO COLLECT COINS FASTER mario: FINE!! 2 much water Toad: OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! mario: Mamma mia! *Gibberish* koopa: (we got to have) moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [*Mario lost 5 GOLD!]
Mario LV SP4GHETTI HP 16/32
GOLD: 2 mario: well that was a load of sh1t OH NO TOAD’S ANGRY *Toadderish* (I don’t think so) 6 THIS IS THE NUMBER OF HE- oh wait Bowser: Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii toad: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- be my pimp pl0x BOWSER MINIGAME TIME!!! okay im listening (not) I HATE THIS MINIGAME DAMN IT no not the money ;-; Luigi: OH NO. WTF IS THAT??? Bewser: GO! *Idiots panicking over an idiotic face* Mario: Hello! Itsa me, gay bowzer! forever alone Yoshi: NAILED IT. yoshi: Frinnnn–yosheee!! Bowser: BITCH IM FABULOUS Mario: F*ck-a-this! mario: Ehdodorebadobeido! mario: Ta-Da! GET DUNKED ON (u deserved it fatass) Time up (WAIT, WHAT?!) Peach: oh yay 4 me! mario: THIS IS BULLSHET (DIE U ITALIAN BOITCH) *Angry Toadderish* why didnt the team earn money? That’ll take forever (AT LEAST NOT OVER 5000) Luigi: NO GOD! luigi: NO GOD PLEASE NO!!! Kerpmoney: Hey, do you know what time it iiiiis??????? luigi: ITS TIME TO STAHP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MINIGAME MONTAGE: START! mario: MOVE BITCH Luigi is out mario wat r u drawin Mario is out MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY Mario’s a penguin? [Mario banned from Club Penguin for using rude words] mario: DIE. (M&L nooo!) luigi: weegee number one! yoshi: F*ck ’em up! all screaming (IGN: stupid show, dont wanna hear it anymore. -99/10) mario: Hey Stinky! mario: F*CK YOU!!! Mario: Here we go! B A A (x2)

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  1. THIS is how modern SMG4 videos should be. No long, boring arcs, no "emotional" moments, no bland, unfunny characters. Just Mario and the gang screwing around and being retarded. Classic SMG4.

  2. Heystinky!mamamiaspaghetttidiyouitalmamamiaspaghettiheystinky
    Translate Stupid Mario Langauge Someone that would do this in my class 7:15

  3. 3:49 When i realize that i am missing all of my homework and my teacher asks for my homework, and i forgot it. I blow myself up.

  4. 7:16 Mario’s moves went like:

  5. 🤣, both Mario and the English subtitles just kill me (no pun intended, maybe…😆) at 1:51 ! Still though, poor Lugi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi…😅😆

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