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I’m Bryce, I’m a video marketer
and I make advertisements. And that’s Tina, she’s a teenager. I’m Tina and advertisements are the worst. Okay, but I made this one especially for you so if you could just give me some feedback. What’s in it for me? Fair point. You see my problem. Without audience reviews I have
no idea if my ad even works. And with no incentive I have no reason to watch your ad. Thankfully we both found Raadz, a
revolutionary tool that takes the anxiety and fear out of target marketing. And turns watching ads into a money-making game. And it’s really easy to use. First, I upload my content. And then I select the questions that
I want answered about my ad. Then I pick my target market and then
the number of views that I’m looking for. Raadz users then watch the ad and
answer the questions Bryce is asking. The closer our answers come to the
average answer of other viewers the more money we make. And now I have accurate feedback and I have a reason to pay attention. An advertising situation we can both be happy with.

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