Racer Sook VS Eun! Loser buys dinner! [Battle Trip/2019.12.08]

This is… You kept telling me to follow you. You’ll see, Euni. What is this place? It’s frustrating that I can’t read anything here. Just come along, Euni. You’ll love this. What is it? – Ta-da! / – What is this? (Racing suits in many different colors) Oh, they have helmets too. – Isn’t that an F1 car? / – This should be fun. Yes, we’re going to race. – We’re going to race / – Yeah, Euni. (The F1 is held in Baku) (The entry-level to F1, kart racing) – Kart racing? / – Yes. (Kart racing is very popular in Baku now) 20 manat for 10 minutes. – For $14… / – You get to experience Formula 1. – Not bad. / – Yes. Let’s get dressed and do some driving. They give you all the gear too. Don’t you need a driver’s license? – No, you don’t. / – Really? – Yeah, they’re go-karts. / – No license needed. Young kids can ride them too. (They register at the counter first) (Taking their photos) It’s a camera. Why does he need our photos? Maybe he’s making our licenses. I’m Song. (She poses for a photo) (He got their names and faces) Our photos! Yeah! Alright, let’s get started. That’s so funny. Like real racers. I’m going to go 60km per hour. Yeah? Then I’ll go 70. (They follow an employee to the changing room) (Suit size chart) Hold on. How heavy is 2XL? Are you too heavy? Oh… I barely make the cut. (Pick a racing suit using your height and weight) Put this uniform on your clothes. You can stay in your shoes. You… Just say the color. – Okay! / – The color. – She… Kid… / – Green for you. The weight for kid’s size is 20 to 30kg. Sorry. Height… Kid… Weight… Yeah, large. (It looks like Euni should wear a medium) – Medium? / – Yes. – For medium… / – 160 to 170cm. I should wear a small. – Okay, small. / – Small. Small? I’m a small too. Euni… Do you think she’s a small? I think medium. Small… Small, okay? Medium. (Medium is always the best size) – She was very precise. / – She’s an expert. – An expert. / – An expert. – What is this? / – Safety training. – But we won’t understand if it’s in English. / – Yeah. (Basic rule of kart racing) (They record your best lap time in 10 minutes) – Wow, that’s the track? / – So that’s what it’s like. It’s a pretty long track. So that’s what it looks like. I finally get to see it. It has two pedals. You cannot use the pedals at the same time. Right is race, left is the brake. All race or brake. (She’s using long sentences now) What is she telling you? Well… (2019 Battle Trip English listening test) (Listen and guess the go-karting rule in Baku) So yellow flag, it means accidents from the track. Explaining the flags. (Yellow flag means slow down) Oh, yellow flag slow. When we show a blue flag, it means behind you is a faster driver… (They get lost here) (She tries to look smart, she just laughs) Those captions are so accurate! I didn’t say anything! – Wow! Amazing! / – They read your minds. That’s exactly what I was thinking there! I don’t get the blue flag. You need to give the way. Somebody behind you. So move to the right and get out of the way? You give them the inner track. The green flag means start. And the checkered flag means it’s the end of the race. White and black means the race is finished. – Because we’ve seen that. / – Right. (The red corners are sharp and dangerous) (Whoever gets the fastest lap in 10 minutes wins) The 10 minutes feel pretty long. Can you write your name, today’s date and signature please? Here. You seem really nervous. – You seem nervous, Sook. / – I’m going to win. That’s… Wow, so cool. – Loser pays for dinner. / – Yeah, you need stakes. It’s a battle. She threw her head back… We’re seeing a lot of epic shots. – With the wind… / – Sure. Epic shots… (Looking seductive) Waddling… You’re waddling. I thought she was a kid. Quiet, you. Are you a child? Seriously… (I’ll show you how to look cool) We should’ve done stuff like that too. (Getting some air on her scalp) (Transforms) (Charismatic Sook) (They love it) – You look so determined. / – Girl crush. (Charismatic Sook) So funny! (This is too funny) So cool. I’m going to eat dinner for free! Let’s go! (HGV license holder, Kim Sook) Let’s go! (Class 1 regular license holder, Song Euni) (Tough) – So cute! / – I couldn’t see. In that helmet. It’s hard to see. Move these up… – Why is this so funny? / – Move the pedals up more. Thank you. – That looks like fun. / – Yeah. It even shows your lap times on the monitor. – That would make you competitive. / – Yes. Do we start? (Go) I bet you can feel the ground on your butt. Why is this track so hard already? – It’s hard. / – Why is this track so hard already? – Is it different from driving a car? / – Very different. (Euni charges ahead) (She takes the turn easily) Why is this track so hard already? Why am I so bad at driving? Why is Euni so fast? Euni drove fast. It doesn’t even look that fast from here. It looks really slow. (Sook finally shows up) Why is Euni so fast? Euni, you’re taking the inner track. Sticking to the inner track. Whoo! This is fun! Whoo! This is fun! (This is where they drive toward the Caspian Sea) – I bet it relieves stress. / – I’ll go fast here. (Euni drives fast on the straight path) Then I slow down… (Speed up again after taking the turn) (Where are they now?) – Who’s winning? / – Where’s Euni? – Euni. / – Where’s Euni? Hey, hurry up! Geez! What is this? Wait for me. (I won’t lose like this) (She speeds up) (Go, Sook) – There’s a big gap. / – She’s speeding up. Euni, you’re taking the inner track. – This is… / – She’s good. (I’ll get you this time!) (No, you won’t) I can’t catch up. (They still have a big gap between them) Dang, looks like I’m buying dinner. (The first person to finish) (1st Euni) It doesn’t look that fast from far away. (Sook finishes too) (Good job, Sook) Sook, I won! – I don’t see Euni. / – I won the gold medal. My fastest lap time was 1 minute and 35 seconds. Your fastest lap time was 1 minute and 39 seconds. So I won. It was fun driving fast, but I felt like I was on my own. I just felt worried. “Am I doing a good job?” This is Baku and I couldn’t even see you. It was a lonely and difficult battle. So it was scary? It was scary. (Sook was scared) It felt like I was going 200km per hour. I can’t believe I lost to you. You can’t even take care of yourself. I can’t believe I lost to you. (Time to rate this place) All of a sudden? Alright, here’s my rating. – It’s going down? / – 3.5 stars. Why? You had so much fun. I have to buy dinner too. You had all the fun yourself. Why only 3.5 stars? Look at this view! I don’t really enjoy the speed, first of all. (She seemed to really enjoy herself…) – It was my personal opinion. / – She had fun! – She had a lot of fun. / – I noticed that too. People that like racing would give this over 4 stars. It only costs $15. Do you sign up ahead of time? You can. You only race for 10 minutes, so you don’t have to wait that long. You can get in a kart after a short wait. – They have a good turnover ratio. / – Yes. And you can race at night. They light up the track. – At night… / – I bet it’s different. – It’s different. / – Right. That’s great.

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