Rachel’s Birthday Wish 🎂 Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

(hip hop music) ♪ Spin my disc like a wiz
like a weed you oh oh ♪ – [Rachel] Paisley’s
almost three months old, and even with Jacob’s help I’ve barely had any time for myself. But my 17th birthday’s coming up, and all I really want
is a break for the day. – Your birthday’s next Monday. – And you have to save $40 for things. – And guess how much money
I have in my name right now? – How much?
– 40 bucks. – Ooh, that’s my birthday money! Sorry, we can’t get pizza, guys. I need 40 bucks on my birthday so I can get (bleep) faced.
(Kameron laughs) ♪ He’s in town when I’m down
yeah we keep it keyed up ♪ – [Rachel] Jaden, my birthday’s comin’ up and we’re about to get lit.
– I know. – [Stephanie] You’re gonna
be 17, can you believe it? – Nope.
– I can’t believe it. You’re gettin’ freakin’ old. – Where we about to go, though? – I don’t know, either my house or if you guys get your
new house, hopefully, like maybe we can party
there, I don’t know. – Hopefully I’ll be to work by then to where I can hopefully
at least have some money to get you some presents and stuff. If not, your presents’ll
be late, but I’m still gonna give you–
– I just want money. – I’m still gonna give you some money, and I’ve got you one
little present so far. So is there anything you
really want for your birthday? – Money. – I mean, other than money right now. – No, I want money. Yeah, that’s all I want.
– You want a cookie cake Or anything?
– No, I want money, that’s all. If you’re gonna buy me anything, just, instead of buying me
it, just give me the money that you were gonna use to buy it, yeah. – I was thinkin’ maybe
in like the morning time, depending on how nice it is
or during the day or stuff– – We’d something like for her birthday. – For her birthday, right?
– Yeah, yeah. – Like the mountains or
somethin’. you know what I mean? ‘Cause they have little camp grounds, you can go like to the
waterfall or somethin’ and have just a nice little
day in the mountains, like all together as a little
family, you know what I mean? – Naw, I’m trying to be, up all day. – (laughs) Rachel, oh my gosh. (laughs) (somber music) (upbeat music)

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