RACING FERRARIS AT A BACHELOR PARTY! Ey yo, Good morning Logang, what’s poppin’ ?! Me, Spencer and George .. Geooorge ! Logan ! George ! George, come here bro, we’re doing my vlog intro hey, I want to tell you something what? You’re a pussy ! Yesterday me, Spencer and George drove to Las Vegas It was a 4 hour drive, we made it in 2 ! Because I was going really fast 169 miles/hour to be exact ! we are all running on 3 hours of sleep for the second night in a row ! Half an hour ! Oh you only slept a half hour ?! Yeah OMG ! You’re so cool George ! YOU’RE SO COOL GEORGE ! This whole weekend .. what! yo! are you what yo Come on, the vlog is not over, Stop ! This whole weekend in full of epicness! like this might be the best-like weekend of epicness EVER Right now, we’re going to .. I’m not gonna tell them You say it Dune buggy Dune buggy .. Dune buggy .. Dune buggy .. The rest of our group is in there watching a safety video I was in there too But … I don’t want to watch it so I stepped out to do my vlog intro I’m not watching this video bro what am I a rooky ?! and now we’re here safety videos aren’t that important NO dude I know how to drive a dune buggy you know what I notice about Las Vegas bro ? It’s cold dude I gotta warm up dude Is that my phone ?! wait, wait, wait … I’m gonna let you know right now if you broke anything and the verdict is: Not guilty ! Oh yes I feel like only bad things can happen If I’m putting one of these hahaha Yeah, Yeah If I die today dude, I’m so down let’s not forget the fools that are doing this with me ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I i give you the bucket list boys height bother ye li SI je yes the girls in this alicia rough so freaking the name to this happened at all whoa he’s really jealous go yeah don’t go there you go George look this is dr. folks that Jojo the hardrock oh you around now here’s the thing earlier and your phone is what I’m on the right there’s something very special about Alicia here a lot of the I shot whatever you I ok that’s actually the reason I’m in Las Vegas if you marry boy and wait wait you’re married top to bottom boy you don’t know what on the club but we’re not marrying each other it’s not that much in theater and you know you’re not okay i got a 20-17 to be your guide you wanna marry guys what you can do actually it’s Donald Trump president anymore is that still the items you can haha i’m the one who’s like go take your hand in marriage you may now kiss the bride in at his wedding like I got officiated everything is going to be legit we’re doing George yeah yeah yeahs the mega jazzed I joint 1600 just had your YouTube channel haha haha yes I’m definitely taking this American flag buggy what I’m right now because this guy my man it’s my brand-new defended my report I don’t care if my brand this one is not get the Thrasher it’s Alicia’s bachelor party but like it i’m Just saying it’s my brand do I even Brought my American look at it this is Section joke dude I’m so dead ass right Now Ok so it’s all the short time I’ve got the American off American ye know that was a rather good times more time Soon as the bachelor party so far through this event Alicia what better watch it quick though he’s a hundred specific ways now we’re going to raise exotic cars that’s right you i’m trying to get that Lambo whoa why are you ready to race exotic cars yes i do is pick a cloth vegas motor speedway let’s go if you’re going to be dope dude I’m ready let’s go talk to the Holy yeah these cars look at these colors are clearly all of these cars are phenomenal and one day I will own all of them but not today except I’ve been eyeballing this one from my car oh my God look at this Lambo is such a sexy vehicle if I had the choice of like a life long lover like wife type person or this I would probably choose the white because it’s more fulfilling but still just talked too much of the size heard homie day your driver’s license you have and i’ll have it no we don’t have anything on coming here what kind of traffic like Oh your little jobs later hop on what I told you they don’t have a picture of it on your songs oh that works yeah my driver’s license to drive a picture of into that were just boys have a picture of it but I lost my wallet you have the fact that my passport I mean I don’t know if that counts yeah I’m community Logan going on everyone else I’m out of there will be a lot of time on we’ll find that here and now my cali ID you Secondhand them yet it really wasn’t so regarding my license problem i think we’re going to be okay right now they’re making us do a what is safety course i think its safety for 20 minutes like 20 minutes I gotta aim any cutoff sumir of all that’s all I was trying to get like there are going to right out of Elections right now was it right now we’re debating what’s the wager is for who gets the fastest lap time the loser loses we don’t know what it is though someone shoot ideas goggle lap dance from the loser has to put 5k on black $5,000 on roulette I would do anyways actually we knew that the tires have herpes hepatitis B so we have chosen the loser whoever gets the slowest lap time has to belly flop into the pool from the top of the gazebo by Manuel Lee actually spit out his head I’m waiting for this I can do the splits but I can’t get into limbo oh god how my goal to help you find your goal that it feel there’s a savage level maximum no just my calculations have predicted i got under actually my simulation time I got 58 seconds I’m not gonna lie i have never been more focused in my life forgot about everything was just I became one with the track I’m a frickin driver brought the Lamborghini CEO I know you want my blog make sure to LIKE and subscribe be if you want to give me a lambo Valentine’s belly-flop bro now you know I’m gonna come out and tell you i don’t know they low game i’m sorry but i’m gonna do this to your board but we’re doing nah haha so I mr. take off with this release time I mean okay okay honestly I’m not nervous I I grew up racing cars that’s not true at all but yeah I’m not nervous there is what the other was I wasn’t you have all my god never built anything like ginger big huggy face today I’m and forgot its begin blogging everyone’s blogger forever blog know what you get with the done no I’m not waste time point not ball wish I don’t know cuz i forget what decibel I got George good luck buddy was you got it honestly I’m lying he doesn’t got it no one’s got it but me haha John I want my man to get a good time being a baby i don’t care i just don’t have the belly-flop you know that’s my boy that’s my boy my blood georgie coming and going to use my heart of the side of the road he looks he looks upset is determined to give to belly-flop gonna I don’t want to do a position of your married tomorrow back you don’t get through it and click like this is what you should have all I feel bad George’s now look at me what I want Oh bro dude that means that means you lost now you be good though I was afraid she got to walk over there you go that’s why I lost because I live with our slides over run from it off but that’s what he told me bro but I don’t think I listed he’s a professional and you’re not is George i want i live without lunch enough for you are slit you should have wrote it slipped what could happen it will be actually got double and the line for the day I weight 500 he takes the cake actually done so cultured through it all over the break instead of to get if we get everything that you pretended to get people to understand if you don’t forget but if we break better put the brakes but here that puts the break but it’s not like we just arrived back at the cribo guys this house is actually amazing i didn’t get to mention it because we were out all day what our figures how long did incredible except it’s not dude yo I think it was you know its mother oh boy alright you where you going you left the back you left the veg you gotta do it now bro ok so i’m about to give you the top store here is like a little niblet of it but look at this I walk in the spot where we’re staying at the pool house what are you doing my man you’re disappointing so many people doors your belly plugging lost Georgie you don’t belly flop right out like this needs to happen in the dark I said I’ll do it you have to go do it now grow if you don’t say hey I got something you i’m going to the hospital without you bro don’t get off of me bro it worse the Syrian friend I’ve ever had so I respect your racing skills I respect you as a human being and I just want everyone to know his name is Elijah this is a life not Alicia its elijah you’re not just saying that I just know man I mean it Morgan my boy fine now let me show you show me the place because this city’s is bro this is it this is the squad roll friends family hi everyone everyone loves a good fireplace probably including myself we got a TV going to the TV kitchen kitchen kitchen high and then the front door and we are out in the corner of the house cocoa for you got this broke tiger woods oh no he made it up oh no it’s fine wow I wonder where that was sick my god we have to meet you got a bitch bro what all this is the bride this is a ride amazing yo everyone is so excited for this including myself to Mars logs me maximum witness but tonight i’m fucking sick tonight uh oh my god peaking a little too much of this is incredibly smart George’s sleeping for the weekend the YZ in their rope so George what are you doing buddy was thinking that take it in here you lose their i’ll even know what all this stuff is here swing stone tiles couples retreat oh you know i’ll be going in here this weekend you’re getting called back on up yes arci go that is the hot tub lots of all right that’s one high dive down we got some water slide we got another waterside walk the plank cocked up number two for what like I can’t make this no lazy river that’s why he’s just staying here right before we did so I think names in doing generalship and i know you watched my blog a make sure like it was gonna be with some girl I are just staying in the same house that I mad just want to come back you’re more than welcome to the couple’s retreat is right over there dude this is you know how much house would cost if we wanted to live here he is 1 million folks I’m buying this house 1 million out I’ve done them so correct me if I’m wrong is that a third hot tub that’s the third hots up that’s incredible let me show you my personal favorite part of this whole place okay we’re gonna lose it okay yo shut up is this the master bedroom yo that’s what I think it is you’re not even locked oh my god haha oh there’s a mirror on the ceiling lad if you take your life and your future what you think you I think she used to get shot it no I’m saying there’s a chance you want too much friend up me know yes clearly this house is incredible i am nice touch for you bro i’m very excited for you tomorrow’s vlog he officiating the wedding between him and his fiance to fix its good visual to tell you I don’t know what they were thinking when you use when you decided to let me do this yeah I did everything go and look like you I was well I replied done and it’s going down tonight is that his bachelor party so it’s going to get employer logo and i’m also not joking i think i’m going to put five dollars on black meaning i’m going back five thousand dollars and like you either win another 5,000 lose like that time George I’m going to make your belly flop later it’s going to be at the very end of logs like Patti and parts a and watch that make sure you subscribe not all just decide what you strive you do not want to miss this he documents voice okay Paul signing up we will see you guys tomorrow take it easy fab feet what isn’t fair to you had a better unit in this I’m going to do it elie saab exactly what you can do it do it go go go yo yo you are such a girl to get your such a girl

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  1. you is a macrick sorry is i spelling wrong i love you lagan paul i subscribed and like the vid hope you have a nice day peace out

  2. you are the best youtube by the way i am a loganger i love you vid love you so much hope the logang dids well i love your cars

  3. My name is Kendall…I literally took my earbuds or for a minute and came back RIGHT WHEN they said "Kendall I know you watch my vlogs" and I was like wtf ;-;

  4. Being a girl is a good thing. I dont get the referens to georges jump, when u say youre such a girl. U say it like its a bad thing…many girls can do it much better than that…haha it doesnt have anything with the sex to do…? it just depends on how well u can jump RIGHT?

  5. Find difference like when you do:



  6. I love the effort you put in your vlogs! Being a YouTuber i can tell it takes a lot of time and precision to make those edits πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  7. Judging by how logan took the corners he really does have some skill. And the fact that he did 58 seconds in one lap. Very impressive

  8. Literally just started watching him after I stopped a while ago and this was my reaction to the title was β€œholy f*ck when did Logan propose?” lol

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