Rainbow Six Siege: Community Celebration Trailer – Six Invitational 2020 | Ubisoft [NA]

wrote beauty is truth. Truth, beauty. When the ancient
Greeks first gathered to pay tribute to Zeus,
they did more than compete to see who was
fastest or strongest. They also gathered artists,
musicians, poets, and spread their culture
throughout the world, just as we do for Rainbow. This is more than just a
competition to see who is best. It is an opportunity to share
our passion and our art. The truth of our experience
in all its beauty. Come! Bear witness to all those
whose passions you share. Join us. We will come together so
we may be stronger apart. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Nice Rainbow Six Siege Forever Can't wait to Next Rainbow Six Come out how will it Be Mission Rainbow Six always gets Better

  2. What are you celebrating? That you nerfed echo into the floor?
    Or that jägers assault rifle now does about the same damage as Submachine guns?

  3. hey UBI
    wtf u do with ADS in siege? your grandma start play in r6 and this game too fast?
    how play with this slow-mo?

    just give back fast ads!!! NOW

  4. Nice they should team up with the people who make battle field games or even call of duty so they can finally get the aiming right.

  5. Nice amount of hackers on this game on pc and on console. It reminds me of an iOS free to play app. Get rid of MnK and modded controllers on console and get rid of hackers on pc. You have a $1 billion company. Use that money to make more money by helping out the community.

  6. 0:33 That Ela drawing was done by MilaTheMute (a NSFW artists that does lots of R6S drawings). I see you Ubisoft 😂👀

  7. I know this has nothing to do with the video but I just want to ask do u think you’ll ever add keyboard and mouse to PS4

  8. Great stuff. Now when we getting recruit elite skin? I mean we asked and you gave us BOSG ACOG. This doesn’t even seem as much to ask for.

  9. those night market strolls and trips to thrift shops that got our legs sore. in the end it was all worth it. Rainbow forever.

  10. Well I wish you guys didn't add the battle pass but everything else you care about the community but still you guys are cool

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