Rainbow Six Siege: Game Celebration Trailer – Six Invitational 2020 | Ubisoft [NA]

[DRAMATIC MUSIC] MAN: A precision wristwatch is
truly a marvel of engineering. It’s hundreds of tiny
parts, assembled together to do one thing– tell time. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] That’s us. That’s Rainbow. Men and women working
hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder, building
a single, incredible creation. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Through hard work,
absolute dedication, and unbridled passion,
we sweat every detail, no matter how small, achieving
something far greater than ourselves. It is an experience that
will change you forever. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to
the Six Invitational. MAN: Join us. We will come together, so
we may be stronger apart. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC]

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  1. Memes in the comments aside this a really cool video. The team behind rainbow six has made something amazing and it's pretty easy to forget that when you're caught up in the game. Thank you for everything you've accomplished to get us here, team rainbow.

  2. Okay guys guys que up and then leave the que so we can invite the fifth guy“thats us thats rainbow“
    Am looking at the bomb but the bomb is still not located dont worry just switch drone and switch back. “thats us thats rainbow`
    Not Fixing glitches since 2015 thats rainbow

  3. Pleas put the Tesla in The crew 2 and put the dodgers charger hellcat and put Lamborghini aventador sv pleas and put the Kia ceratopsian 2018 Pleas and put the role rois pleas iam realy realy love Ubisoft games pleas I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Where is console crossplay. Don’t care for PC-Console crossplay, that would just be a mess. This should already be in the game.

  5. 0:35…
    Me: Coreross ur gonna have to take a look at this
    Coreross: What is it
    Me: I think it's a new operator
    Coreross: Quickly we must make a vid

  6. Kids- we will not use maestro after he looses his acog
    Men- Well I gotta practise maestro with other sights
    Legends- Who are using maestros lmg without acog since his launch

  7. Ubisoft: We work hard every day.

    R6s: Joining an ongoing match
    You will join a game that is already in progress ( same map and you're only attacking/defending one room). I mean I'm not kidding this is the sad reality. The mid season patch is good but you need to fix the important things (matchmaking, hitreg, hitbox, perspective issues, hackers, loading time, teamkilling I don't even understand why friendly fire exists, it's only useful when you're teammate gets interrogated by cav and oh almost forgot it toxic teammates).

    Ubisoft: Removing ACOG's or buff/nerf weapons. I don't wanna say that ubisoft not working hard or making bad games but it seems like you're desperate. The only reasons why I play R6s are those unforgettable moments my 1st ace I laughed and raged and everytime I wanna stop playing R6s my gamer heart says no I don't know why.

  8. Hey next time ubisoft dont ban the things that only like 30 player's hate but you ruined it for everyone else like taking away the acog for bandit and Yeager

  9. Serious comment: this game was part of my childhood. I was a freshman in January 2016 when I first got the game, and now I'm a senior in high school… Unbelievable… :')

  10. Can Ubisoft change this squeaky guys voice ? This narrator sounds like disabled wheelchair man. They should hire me for the voice acting go check out my live stream I have way better voice

  11. So I just got an idea I think would be epic to see so imagine if tachanka could take the gun off his turret mount but lose a small portion of the shield or something

  12. Hey Ubisoft

    Give tachanka a elite uniform

    Why do the other spetsnaz operators have one but not tachanka?

    Like this so ubi could see. Or just beg like me

  13. pls fix the game, game sound is to confusing to play cossistent good. and plssss plsssss ubisoft add in the Menu a option to put all operators to default skinn so i dont need to burn me eyes out to just find one player perfect blend in the walls ore behind opjects, ore even people call out hibana die but its buck but the tink its hibana bc of the skin.

  14. Hi, my name is Rainbow Six Siege DOGOMORTAL 645 Well, I wanted to say if they would take out rainbow six siege if they could take it out on a split screen since I play with my family and we always fight for who starts first but we go to the point take out rainbow six siege ps4 with split screen please thank you

  15. I think an operator with an electric grenade that zaps players and technology in a 5 meter radius and does 10 damage to players and she has 4 of them and she is a 2 speed 2 armor attacker with bandits mp7 thermites AR and clash's handgun

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