Ranked: 5 Offbeat Holidays to Celebrate at Work (and Boost Engagement)

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hottest topics: Ranked. You don’t have to be a calendar expert, if that’s even a thing, to know there just aren’t enough holidays in the year and they all seem
to be crammed into the last three months. What gives? Thankfully, some offbeat
holidays have sprung up that may not lead to days off, but there’s still fun
ways to celebrate at work, break up the monotony, and build coworker camaraderie.
Here are the top five offbeat holidays to celebrate at work and boost employee
engagement. Five: Fun at Work Day may sound a little generic, but that just leaves the door open for creativity like bringing in food trucks for lunch,
planning some team-building activities, or doing whatever you think employees
might enjoy. After all you would know. Just use your imagination, and you can’t
lose. Four: When it’s a stressful day at work, a little kindness goes a long way. Sometimes a nice note, a kind word, a yummy treat is all it takes to bring a
smile to a co-worker’s face. A positive workplace is where we all
want to work, and we all hold the power to make that a reality. That’s what makes
Random Acts of Kindness Day such a beautiful thing. Three: Despite its mathematical origins, it’s really about pie…with an E as in apple, cherry, coconut cream, or even pizza. Have some brought in for lunch or better yet have a bake off for bragging rights or cash prizes, or as
an extra delicious fundraiser. Two: Grab your lightsabres, Cinnabon earmuffs, and embrace your nerd side. What better way to bond, have fun in the office than over
everyone’s favorite sci-fi franchise? Don’t think your employees are nerdy
enough for that? Never underestimate the power of the Force. One: Of course we saved the best for last! What better way to celebrate mid-year
than by expanding our mid-sections with Earth’s greatest culinary invention. It’s simple: Donuts bring joy, so bring several dozen
to work and save a couple for me! Which holiday is your favorite? Did we forget one? Let us know in the comments below, then make sure to subscribe to our
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