Rapsody on The Importance of Celebrating & Empowering Women | Women in Music

– Rapsody?
– Yes. – How are you doing? – I’m good.
– You look incredible. – Thank you. – What does it mean tonight? Obviously this is a night
all about empowering women. What does it mean to be here? – Oh, it means a lot. Especially since I dropped
the album earlier this year. All about women, called “Eve.” I named every song after women, so– – So cool. – For us to have a night
to celebrate each other, for the world to celebrate us, for Billboard to celebrate us, it’s important because we are
so important to the culture. And you know, we’re the
reason everybody’s here. – Right! – It’s so real. – Yes.
– I just want to know what’s your favorite track to perform? – What’s my favorite track to perform? Probably Whoopi. You know it’s high energy. It’s fun. It gets the crowd into it. So that’s one of my favorites to rock. – And who are some women that you’ve looked up to over the years? Who’s really inspired you?
– Oh man, there’s so many. Outside of my mother and you know my aunts and my village, Phylicia Rashad, Cicely
Tyson, Nikki Giovanni, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte You know I could go on and on. Even now newer today I
look up to Yara Shahidi. I love what she’s doing. It represents us. You know youth coming up to be a leader. So it’s just so many women to celebrate. – If there’s one person here tonight that you could collab
with or work with in 2020 is there one person that
kind of stands out for you? – Wow. Me and Megan have been
talkin’ about doing something. So Megan Thee Stallion is one. – I can see that.
– Yeah. I think that would be fun. – You gotta come up with a new theme. Like a Winter, instead of Hot Girl Summer. What would it be?
– Oh, Hot Girl Winter. (cross talk) – Something like that,
I see what you’re doing. – Just Hot Girls, I don’t
know, I’m fine with that. – What’s gonna happen in 2020 for you? – 2020, oh I’m workin’ on new music. I’m back in the studio. So I definitely want
to release a new album. I have a new tour. A black girl created this tour. – Oh!?
– Yeah. That kicks off in February. So that’s gonna be dope. And just continue to create
and tell stories through art. – How are you prepping for that tour? Because that’s a process and a half. – Yeah. You know I’m just thinking about what I want the stage to look like. What kind of stories I
want to tell on the screen. What songs and song orders. So it’s just getting with my D.J and my band and just trying
to make a cohesive, fun, engaging performance for everybody. – Can you kind of tease a little bit? Like what you are thinking
for the theme of your tour? – What I’m thinking, it’s about women empowerment. And telling stories from
the past and the present about black women and how
they’ve all inspired me. So how can I tell those stories and incorporate it in me and in music? So we’re gonna have video screens. There’s gonna be some
talking, some fun things. Some guest appearances here and there. It’s gonna be dope. – I love that you’re so positive
and you are so inspiring. Congratulations–
– I like talking to you. – for releasing all this music. I know, it’s great! – Thank you, I love talkin’ to y’all. – I want to know for you,
what’s the quote you wake up and you say to yourself? Like do you have a mantra or something that gets you going everyday? Because I feel like we
all kind of have them and it probably changes depending
on the time of your life. – I think mine is to live for today. You know to live every
day like it’s your last. So when I think about that, it’s just like you don’t have time to waste. Just do it. No fear, all confidence,
have fun and walk in that. So that’s my mantra. I got it tattooed on my back actually. – You do?!
– Yeah. – How long ago? – I was in high school when I got that. So I was like 15. I had a fake I.D and everything. (laughing) – I love that! Who went with you to get it? – My boyfriend. – Yes, you’re like “my
boyfriend that is no longer.” – That is no longer. (laughter) – Awesome, Well thank you so much. – Thank you, I appreciate y’all. – I feel like you were such a
great way to kick things off. Just so uplifting. – Thank you so much. – We’ll keep in touch. – We’ll see you soon.

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  1. These people who’s interviewing 🤦🏾‍♂️….bye . I wish they understood what an urban legend Rapsody is and what she means to women but also especially Black Women…. but they’ll never get it 🤦🏾‍♂️. #Rapsody2020 💜

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