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  1. I hope there are more people from the original RE2 team involved! Can't wait for that game. Hope I don't expect too much but I'm confident in Capcom.

  2. I'm more excited for this release than anything else coming out ! I can't wait to see how amazing still frame backgrounds are going to look on PS4 …. That is truly mouth-watering… Did I get the T-virus…

    But in all truth, I would bet money that this is going to be one of the most realistic looking video games ever made. Using still frame backgrounds frees up a whole heap of processing power to enable them to take this as far as they want to graphically.

  3. Oh and Capcom Pleasess Bring back the Original sound effects from The original Resident Evil 2 on Ps1 to (Open,Close Menu Box equip weapon etc..) its a small thing to ask for but I know a lot of people would be pleased to hear the old sound effects make a return.

  4. Heard that 'H' & team did not have the original 'Main Files' for REmake & used the original gamecube games' code. Is this true?

  5. I just realised something

    Resident evil 0 ps4 and xbox
    Resident evil 1 ps4 and xbox
    Resident evil 2 remake ps4 and xbox ( not out yet )
    Resident evil 3 we have heard nothing about a remake
    Resident evil 4 ps4 xbox
    Resident evil 5 and 6 ps4 xbox

    but anyways I can't wait to get Resident Evil 4 for PS4

  6. I just hope for the REmake 2 that it will have everything it had in the original like in Leon B when mr x or whatever came crashing through the roof but everything is with modern graphics

  7. They should go ahead and remake Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and include it with the Resident Evil 2 remake since the timelines are basically the same

  8. Message to them: don't fuck up the remake. Needs to be in the old Resi 2 style, none of this 6 bullshit. If they want to expand it throw 2&3 together as one big game full of scenarios but in the old style

  9. Thank you Mr. Hirabayashi & Mr. Anpo for your continuing your enthusiasm for this incredible franchise you've contributed so much to I grew up to Resident Evil the first title came out when i was 3 and I first played Resident Evil 2 when i was 5. The majority of my hype is focused on R.E.7 & R.E. 2: Remake can't wait.

  10. i hope they don't do any bullshit with first person/over the shoulder cameras….

    I hope they understand that the fixed cameras and camera angles IS what made the game's feel first foremost. I hope they stick to that format, like they did on the RE1 remake. They couldn't have done a better job than that remaker, they scare me when they say they "want to do more". no. don't change the formula at all.

  11. I just hope that they realize that they have the potential to make the greatest horror game of all time. RE2's atmosphere was absolutely terrifying and with today machines there's no doubt in my mind that this could potentially be greatest RE game of all time. As long as they stick to their roots like with the RE Remake I don't see how they could screw this up.

  12. I think they can keep the old camera angles and throw in the third-person camera, they would have to keep the controls of re4/5 for balancing purposes but how cool would it be to shoot…or better yet counter attack a Licker while it's jumping at you!?

  13. its true, we will never have the classic Resident Evil back, but at least Capcom is making remasters and remakes of the classics! that being said, where's our Resident Evil 3 remake? I get RE2 is iconic to the series… but so is Nemesis, Jill's slutty outfit, the gunpowders and the destruction of Raccoon City! By far my most favorite Resident Evil title. Resident Evil 4 was everything that was good about Resident Evil with a modern upgrade but its predecessors lost there way. Im excited to see Resident Evil reinvent itself once again from the shit show it's become but as a huge fan of the series, such a huge change is both exciting and terrifying. Now it seems the series is reinventing itself every 3 main installments. I think I speak for us all when I say we are all more excited for the RE2 remake 😛

  14. I really hope they come out soon with an update. I'm super excited that they have announced re7 I've been such a big fan of the series since I was a kid resident evil directors cut was my first game I've played and didn't get the chance to play remake until a few years ago. I have high hope for the re2 remake and I'm excited to see resident evil 7 with a brand-new plot line and hopefully a badass story and please got put files back in the game.. resident evil 6 was cool but to me was the weekest game of the series. survivor is actually a good game just needed batter acting and better graphics like re2 and re3.

  15. STOP GIVING CAPCOM the Wrong ideas. JUST BUILT this game on the basis of prerendered backgrounds. that is the essential element. and with prerendered backgrounds, classic camera angles come automatically.

  16. Resident Evil was my favorite game from the beginning until now ,
    I hope this horror game makers continue to work and could make a surprise for the fans .
    but there is a cast of characters that I liked from the first is yes Scot Leon Kennedy , Chris Readfield , and Claire Readfield .

    I wish Resident Evil characters remove it in the next series , because I am most interested in at all if there are three of them .

    I expect more , they are played back in resident evil .
    and there's a scene shot one zombie who wants to bite or eat them .

    sorry I was too wrapped up – the bush.
    but I really – really hope they are played back in resident evil :).

  17. I hope its a HD remastered with new areas but the same game, same style just like the original HD remaster, that game looked absolutely boss with the lightning effects and sounds. I am dying to play this again on my ps4. Just leave the fixed angles and controls please dont turn it into a turd action game. Please!!! and upgrade Claire's ass too lol

  18. please… make it play like the classic game, with fixed cameras with high res, ultra realistic pre-rendered backgrounds (just like resident evil 0 and REmake). That is the TRUE nature of resident evil, when its the most scary, please.. dont make it an over the shoulder camera.. please!!!!!! if you do, all backgroudns would have to be 3d and not pre-rendered… and thats a missed opportunity to truly make a captivating atmosphere

  19. Capcom, take AAAALL the time you might need to make this perfect!
    Do NOT rush the production so that you have to make hundreds of patches after you've released it. Now when I know you really are making a remake, I can wait YEARS until you finally release it.

  20. Please don't screw it up. RE2 is my favorite RE of all time and I really would be bummed if you made it more action oriented then it was.

  21. I like to see what they add to the game mechanic like the Resident Evil 1 remake that had the emergency items like taser or flash grenade. Also with the kerosene burning corpse and crimson zombies. Damn that was the perfect Resident Evil game.

  22. At this point with all the remake and new resident evil games that are in production, they might as fucking well revive Dino Crisis series and remake it.

  23. Hi, have you ever considered to make a ultimate hard mode? For example no bite or not infected mode. If the player gets bitten it's all over, your infected and will become a zombie. Because there are a lot of knife only and no damage let's plays. It would be the ultimate challenge.

  24. It would be nice to see a Colt 1911 in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Something between the normal handgun and the Magnum. It's got to be the 45. For example Chris Redfields gun 😊

  25. At least they have the guys that's been there since the original remake in 2002 that's working on the re2 remake so I'm sure they not gonna fuck it up

  26. Capcom had made some very positive changes over the few years. Keep it up Capcom you guys are doing great work so far. I'm like what I'm seeing with RE7, something new and fresh but still has the dna of the classic RE games.

  27. RE2 was a great game to begin with so Capcom doesn't have to do much. Just give it a facelift and make some of the game mechanics smoother. Leave everything else. Personally, this is my favorite RE installment.

  28. What if they did a local split screen co op mode where two players played as Claire and Leon through unique intros to each character respectively and later meeting at RPD and split up and meet up again for different sections of the game (kinda like parts in RE0.) But you could also ignore this mode entirely and start the game with either character like the original. Maybe there could be an alternate storyline playing as Ada?… I'm too hopeful for this… But I think this with tank controls and fixed cam angles would be the bomb diggity!

  29. Please Capcom ,try to keep the original Voice Acting Crew for Resident Evil 2 Remake.I would love to hear Alison Court,Paul Haddad,Sally Cahill and Jenifer Dale all together.Their work in RE was excellent! Unbeatable!

  30. For the love of god please don't screw this up capcom. I been waiting for this game since you announced it. Keep the fixed camera angles and tank controls. Remake Resident evil 2 just like you remade Resident Evil 1. please don't let us down! :'(

  31. i hope resident evil 2 remake has fixed cameras as remake of gamecube. if not… you better no release this game.

  32. I hope they make an option to disable door animations for speed runners. like how modern controls were optional in re hd.

  33. I cannot wait. It's 2017 and hopefully the remakes ready by 2018. Keep up the good work and I know you'll do the game well just like you did on RE1 Remake..

  34. please make the game a little bit longer and a bit harder to make the re2 much interesting please capcom please I hope re2 comes out

  35. make the game 3D put an option in the menu where you can chose fixed camera like the re remake or 3D camera like re4 and please remove load times at doors

  36. Two years since it was announced and no pics, no teaser, no news about RE2 Remake, i'm starting to believe that sooner or later Capcom is going to announce its cancellation :/

  37. Dear Yasuhiro Anpo and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi do take note on these Rules on Survival Horror : rules by JMMReview

    1. Scarce Resources.
    2. No control over how successful your Attack will be.
    3. Unexpected Attacks.
    4. Puzzle solving.
    5. having to Avoid/Evade enemies.
    6. playing as a vulnerable character compared to the enemies you are fighting.

    Im against pre sale but for this Project (and ANY other RE from 1 to Code Veronica Mainly i just say: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
    (Also a fan of RE 4 Despite Leon kicks that do more impact than shotgun -_-)

  39. No your wrong! You dont have to do much more than update the graphics. Im sure every single resi fan from back in the glory days and nowadays would love for the story to stay the same and just have a huge rehaul of the character models and enviroment! Please for god sake dont put any "action" elements from resi 5 onwards in this game its too sacred to me and so many other to be ruined by the modern day bullshit. Do us proud

  40. Can we expect resident evil 3 remake? i hope so you guys did a good job with resident evil 2 remake.. I wish we could get re3 remake than the next year resident evil 8

  41. Thank you capcom . Looking at old these old comments about "use fixed camera angles " lol people really need to get over themselves. Fixed camera angles are a dead concept and now that people have seen re2 remake and it's awesome I at least don't see any haters in the comments.

  42. & instead of a REMAKE of Resident Evil 2, what they decided to do was a Reboot, again in the style of RE4, with only a poor tematic of RE2, mixed with DOOM.

    CAPCOM: “ With the camera on the shoulder, we're building a new game, this is not a REMAKE of original, it's a full new game, we really want to push! ”✍️

  43. Those damn CRAPCOM bastards should be ashamed to have lied to us about doing a real Remake of RE 2, instead of another RE 4 for the finbois of they same.🤢👎

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