(Hello! Please pause the video for this! it’s important! (So for the subtitles i need to explain some things. In this video when Nathan is talking over the video he’s reacting to I write it like this (i.e ‘Nathan: or N: And when the video is playing by itself i write it like this (i.e V: Or Video: ) Sorry if it’s confusing. when the video and Nathan are talking to together i write it interchangeably. Sorry if it’s confusing. I’m kinda bad at explaining ^_^ Anyway enjoy the video!) Nintendo fans will have another way to play Minecraft! coming to new Nintendo 3ds systems. Are you serious?! Playing survival. or creative mode. Nathaniel: I shouldn’t even be suprised! I shouldn’t even be suprised.. Like there’s already not a million ways to play this game! Okay, sure. MARIO PARTY! V: The Mario party series brought us together around -Our home consoles WHAT?! No! Come on! V: Launched on Nintendo 64. N: Okay. We partied like it was 1999. IS IT A REMAKE?! WHAT! IT’S A REMAKE!! WHOA my god! *hype* Oh, it’s like a minigame compilation! V: We’ve curated the top 100 minigames the most- N: whoa okay, Mario Party title to create the best one yet Wow V: – Supports download play to up to four people! DOWNLOAD-! Okay. Download play. That’s not bad Online? V: Any of your friends with a Nintendo 3ds family system YES!, I LOVE BOOKS SQUIRM! (?), I love that game! I love thaat game! Think of all the mischief magic and memories WOOOOOOO! OH YEAH! Oh dude. I’m getting that I’m getting that I am getting that! Okay,what day? December the first WHAT?! It’s this year! it’s this year! no way they actually stuck to their word about Xenoblade -you WHAT? By popular demand it’s Kelp Dome! Kelp dome! The rumors are true! (x2) This was leaked! Awesome when does it come out? Okay? This is pretty good stage snapper canal Ooh, this!- What!! Aw my- this is like camp triggerfish N: Like this is literally camp triggerfish right now. Also we’re introducing a new Brella weapon Tenta Brella? Okay. It’s sort of like- WOAH! WHAT THE HECK?! OH! That look!- WHAT?! Dude that is broken! that is broken! DUDE! literally all-! Four okay!- Four Tenta Brellas Around a SplatZone. Win. (As if.) We’re planning even more weapons and stages – Okay, so the fifteenth. So this Friday. dude. That is so broken! Doom eh- WAIT! The new DOOM?! V: – Software V: The studio that THE NEW DOOM! No way! What?! N: No way! – V: hordes of demons with devastating- That is AWESOME! That’s really good news! Oh my god No. Way. V: this holiday Dude. That is- V: – On a mission to liberate a Nazi controlled america What? Wait, Resident Evil? Which Resident Evil is it? N: Is it Resident Evil seven? Oh the new Kirby! — enemies will become your allies N: What that’s so cool! — by working together V: You can- N: The yo-yo ability! they brought that back. V: — Using ESP, and many more. N: Awww that’s so cool! No way. Wwhaat? it’s like Kirby 64! dude, that’s so cool Wow this is gonna be amazing I am so excited to play this V: — Manipulating dream land. N: What?! what the- what the? why is he so buff! V: Kirby star allies is coming to — What the hell? Mario Odyssey, I told you guys no Smash Bros. Shouldn’t have expected that Woohoo! Let’s go. What do we got? What do we got okay? Oh! *Laughter* N: Okay. V: Friend from the cap kingdom has a mission of his own to rescue his sister tiara. N: WHAT?! GameXplain predicted that correct! No way Join forces. N: So that’s the story dude I was so off. my story was way off. Oh my gosh! Look at the little hat! So sick. WHOA! okay hub world! V: You can go all over the place. N: Whoa! V: New Donk City in City in the Metro Kingdom V: Tostarena in the sand kingdom. So that- So wait it’s like a big globe! That’s cool! V: Mount Volbono and the Luncheon Kingdom N: Mount Volbono.. So that the offical name. Okay V: Steam Gardens in the Wooded Kingdom. Okay V: Bonneton, In the Cap Kingdom And this music is so good too! V: Fossil Falls and the Cascade Kingdom N: alright probably one more world. V: and today for the first An ice world! V: We’re introducing Shiveria. In the Snow Kingdom Shivera? WHOA! V: – Will chill you to the core Duude! Look at this place! Mario- is oh my god! V: Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom. WHOA! dude. It looks so cool! V: It’s a popular travel destination for many – It looks be- Oh my god! This is like the most beautiful thing I ever seen V: Apparently the seawater has a refreshing fizz Wow! Okay- WHOA that’s awesome That’s awesome! Another new world! V: more kingdoms to visit including tropical islands. N: What? WHAT THE HECK? Okay. V: To get from place to place Mario is literally traveling in style Aboard his cap like ship N: Yeah, you think. V: the Odyssey. it runs on power moons scattered across the world Okay, so it is all powered moons Dude, this UI looks so much better. I just took a glance it looks a lot better than it did at E3 V: Power up the odyssey and make it through the next – Okay, so I don’t think you have to get all of them.V: As you can see in this list there are even more power moons than that Oh, that’s really nice. There’s a list V: Just incase you’re hungry for more Dude Oh My god really this is gonna. Be great for speedrunning. V: You may need to acquire one by solving a puzzle or defeating enemies. Whoa a new boss! that’s definitely new boss. what the heck?! This is sick! What?!! You can literally become anything! V: If you get them all something neat may happen What This is ridiculous Ridiculously cool. V: having trouble hunting down power moons? then try talking to Talkatoo for hints Okay, that’s actually kind of nice So that’s what the amiibo are for! Okay, that’s not- terrible. V: If you’re stuck it’s worth a shot. Check out that freaking- Dude . Okay so there’s challenges too V: Earn power moves based on your results. N: This is-. oh my god Dude, this game is gonna be so good. V: – World over if you’re connected to the internet N: And there’s rankings Okay. What! they bringing him back? Okay. PAINT MARIO?! WHAT?! V: So don’t be afraid to play a little dress up What aw look at that! Doc- Oh okay. Doctor Mario F- I Figured that would happen V:And don’t forget to let the odyssey in on the action with decorative stickers and souvenirs from crazy cap N: What! You can add stickers to your cap?! That-That’s genius! dude. That’s actually genius N: Any moment? what! Snap some fun photos of Mario. No way! Wwhhaaat? What? There’s there’s no reason for this, but it’s still freaking cool! V: You can blur your surroundings lights N: What?! What?! Snapchat Mario Odyssey, that’s literally what this i. V: And nail that vertical photo for your smartphone wHAT?! They’re going- Oh my dude, they’re going all out. V: Mario Odyssey is all about making memories so capture away. N: Wow! Oh My goodness yeah all-stars Mario – Elements N: Whoa! all I wanna- Aw that looks so cool! He’s so short compared to Pauline! V: – Mario series first, thanks to its lyrics sung by the one and only Pauline. N: Oh my gosh Dude Easier – Oh that’s an easy way to travel! Dude – WHAT?! T-there’s just too much going on I can’t even keep up with all this! Whoa that’s sick! Oh my gosh! Oh, man, I got to get those I’m gonna get those amiibo. V: As you can see they’ll come handy N: Gain temporary invincibility Receive a life up. Power up Reveal regional coin locations, okay V: Alongside the game. We’re also releasing the special edition bundle (?) N: Yep! called it. V:Including the Super Mario Odyssey software. Oo! there’s a Mario case too that’s cool V: See here along with the carrying case. N: that’s really cool. Holy crap. dude so much went down dude, Mario Odyssey is like I I cannot believe how good that game looks. I honestly can’t believe it

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  1. It's been over a year, and no one has said "Mount Volboner"

    I'm disappointed.

  2. When will the time do aloe guagua se você tá vendo isso e é pt-br você é muito ruim muito da hora mesmo mano você é muito dorme eu te amo e passa no meu canal por favor se você for BR muito obrigado se inscreva no meu canal que é um lixo

  3. First-time Mario was ever realistic his hair and clothes just look real Nintendo probably put a lot of work into this!!

  4. At first you were ecstatic about Mario Party The Top 100, but now it’s on your list of top 10 worst Mario games. LOL.

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