Ready!BERLIN: Celebration of LGBTQ+ on CSD 2019

Welcome to Q-We Channel! And welcome back for another episode of Ready!BERLIN. Today I’m going to show you the CSD in Berlin. Which is the gay parade. And this year, the slogan (of CSD) is “Every riot starts with your voice!” which is to celebrate the 50 year anniversaries of the Stonewall. Let’s say no more and go to have some fun! So hot today! (How can love be illegal?) The Christopher Street Day in Berlin is quite different compare to the one that in Canada or USA. Beacuse they don’t really have a strict order you can’t really join them or something. If you see a truck, hear the music that you like, just join them and follow the music. And dance with it! So the parade is pretty much over and I just get to the brandenburg gate to show you the stage and we can check out some live shows here. (Dear people, dear friends) (The CSD 2019 is a huge successe!) (Thanks to all the organizers of CSD) (and also all you participants) (for the powerful demonstration!) (Thank you all!) (Cheering) That pretty much is for this episode, I hope you had a good time by watching this. And remember! In life, it does matter how hard is it, let your colors shine! If you like the video, please give me a “like”. And subscribe the channel for more! Until then, see you next time!

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