Real Brazilian Birthday Party

We are an American family of seven
living, working and loving Brazil. Welcome to the adventures of Our Brazilian Life. We partied super hard last night. We had
a great time I Camila’s birthday party. She turned five! We had a real Brazilian
birthday party. We had Salgado’s, brigadeiro, decorations, music and Brazilian friends. It was awesome. So awesome. So she’s the first kid in our family
that gets a birthday party a Big Jump. We’re gonna have a fun year of birthday
parties with our kids now that we have a great party spot. But we have to keep
up with our tradition of giving praise and love and making the birthday person
feel special on their birthday because I really believe that’s more important
than gifts. So we’re gonna go around and say what we love about Camila. Camila is always so sweet and gives me the sweetest kisses and hugs. Camila is the baby of the family and
since she’s been a baby she’s been just nothing but sweetness and love. She’s so
kind, quiet and patient. I love Camila because she brings so much sweetness
into our family and really helps everyone stay calm and remember to give
hugs and she just takes her time and is always calm and really shy. So if you
don’t see her talking a lot in the videos that’s why, because she’s really
quiet and shy. We love her so much and she is the perfect ending to our
family because we’re not having any more. I like Camila because she’s really nice with me and she plays with me, with her toys. I like it because she let me play with this baby. Alice, what do you love about your
sister? I love about Camila because she sleeps with me and she
snores too. She snores. All right boys. What do you love about your sister? I love Camila because she’s very sweet and I like to carry her like a baby. Good morning Tiago. What do you love about Camila? I like how she’s super cute and she is super fun to play with. Camilla!
How old are you now? 5, You’re five, you’re cinco. What did you
think about your birthday party last night? I get a lot of things for my birthday. That’s very nice. Did you have fun? Yes. What was your favorite part about the night? Jumping. You love jumping with your friends? Thank you so much for joining us on our special family moments. See you next time. Kisses.

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