Reaper Bithday Celebration

Mone, Today it is Reapers Birthday Hurayyyy 🎉🎉 WAT!!! He have a birthday? Oh gosh We neeed to hurry and get a cake A cake?? YES! I like cake Yes we need a very good cake! A good cake? can’t Lanana just make a cake? No… Why? WE NEED A GUCCI CAKE!! Wha…? There is such a thing as a gucci cake COME MWAIK We are going to the gucci headquarters Why do you know where it is? Im here a lot You are? Yes… Now hurry up we need to get the cake Sure I’m sorry but you guys are not allowed to enter Wha the heck Moooo are you an idiot No Listen Let us in No Whyyyy not!? Because i can’t let you guys in But we need a cake for Reaper it is his birthday! I am sorry but i can’t let you in Oh im sorry please follow OHH so now that idiot will let us in HAH!? Yes GET GUCCIÓ GUCCÍ IN HERE NOW!! Hello sorry for the wait We litteraly waited for 6 seconds you idiot 6 seconds of my life WASTED on you Yes Hello we need a cake for Reaper Im sorry but we dont make cake We make gucci things like belts Haha Idiot we need a CAKE! It needs to be done today… And Have some text on the top that says Happy bir- -Thday You Fat idiotic looser Yeah cool that’s it Im sorry but i don’t understand Just give us a cake! NOW!!! Okay i will try my best… Then please come back in an hour What a Hour this is gucci not Pokémon We can’t wait for the shiny to appear But it is a gucci cake so lets just come back in a hour Sure Hmmm i guess it is fine Yes now let’s hurry over to Reaper He must be so sad that everyone have forgotten his birthday I doubt that That is it Right? Yes Pretty much REAPER GET YOUR FAT BUT DOWN HERE Wha?? Surprise We got ya a cake Ye i used all my day on this and i could have used it to play games or make viruses LIKE COMMON! You guys know i can’t eat lactose WHAAAAAA! ARE YOU SERIOUS! WHAT KIND OF SICK JOKE IS THIS! Where is Moooo? Mone and Maik left 12 minutes and 32 seconds ago, Why? (Why do you think she asked that they are always together) WHY DID THEY LEAVE!?!? *Snif* That probably have something to do with Reapers Birthday REaPeRS BIRTHdAy !+?!?!?!? Yes? You didn’t know it was his birthday? I didn’t even know he had one? I thought everyone had a birthday (SHUT UP LANANA EVERYONE HAVE A BIRTHDAY) ALright let’s just Find a gift A gift… Do you even thing he want something? Who knows… Maybe he want a new Knife or Bangbang? He already have a flying gun and a ton of knives 43 to be exact Maybe he want another weapon? What kind of weapon? A Sword? Well i was thinking about an axe But like super cool with a marshmallow as the sharp thingy Hmmmm… That might not be a bad idea (OMG!! WhAT IS THAT!?) RWARRRR!!

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