Recebidos – Presentes de Aniversário

Hi! I’m Susana from Pink&Fun and today I’ll show you some birthday gifts I received. This video has a huge late It should have been published in February (my birthday) and we’re in May… so my apologies for that :/ I’ll start with Bina’s gift She has a facebook page called Binartes – Artes da Bina, and she sent me this cutting die It’s from Marianne Design and the reference is LR0330 So here’s the die cut, using only the sizzix acrylic plates to die cut it and here, embossed to do so, I’ve used some extra accessories to take more advantage of the die: the silicone rubber and the Impressions Pad If you have any question I can show in another video what I did Thanks Bina, I loved the gift! Now, I will show you other beautiful things that I have received from Rita and Cidália from Art&Mimos blog Many of you know, because I have it written in my presentation on facebook, that I love cats, chocolate, pink and scrapbooking so Rita mixed them all and personalized my gifts She made me a postcard and she nailed it because I love it!!! Full of details … kittens … a message for me and behind, her logo Beautiful! Rita, I loved it! Thank you! She also sent me a chocolate box but I ate all of them them and now I have nothing to show you… Cidália, Rita’s mother, sent me this purse that is beautiful, fluffy … …and with cats 😀 I think it’s lovely, I loved it, thank you Cidália!!! But Rita was looking for more kittens to give me and she found this one which is a post-it holder perfect to decorate my office She gave me also this scrapbooking paper kit It is from one of my favorite brands: Echo Park and it’s called Meow I’ll show you everything! It comes with 12 double sided sheets plus one sheet of stickers. 2 of each and stickers to embellish Finally, I’ll show you “the icing on the cake”: a notebook that she embellished for me I’m in love with this notebook she used clouds with glitter, a tree, kittens playing, Pink & Fun … she also embellished the spine and behind, a kitten at the window with acetate simulating glass.
I think it’s beautiful… and here the logo, so if you want one you already know where you can get… I’m delighted with my notebook… I think it’s so beautiful… It will be to take note of the important things Oh, it’s beautiful! Love, love! I love it! As you can see I’m a really lucky girl with friends who do everything to make me happy Thank you to Rita, Cidália and Bina to all of this care and friendship and to all of you for being there Thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed this video, kisses and see you next time!

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  1. Ownnnnn q fofura!!!! Adoreiii os seus mimos lindos!!! E vc merece td de melhor, viu? Parabéns, e obrigada por mostrar esses lindezas para nós, vc é mesmo um amor!!!!❤

  2. oooh que lindas prendas!!! 😍 😍 😍 Já tinha saudades de ti 😊😉haha video de febrero, nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena,😊😉(não sei se há algo parecido em portugués)

  3. Que coisas mais fofas, então o caderno!!!!!
    Mas também é só para quem merece!
    Beijinhos, já estava com saudades dessa voz!
    Fico a aguardar novidades!!

  4. pois olha que vergonha deste lado tb, nem dei pelo teu aniversário 😮
    Parabéns atrazadérrimos. :*
    Os teus presentes säo lindos, e tenho a certeza que os mereceste todos e de certo alguns mais

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