Red Light District Amsterdam Party Tour

Hi. My name is Emil Strijker Boudier and you’re watching Amsterdam Calling. Right now we’re in the middle of the Red Light District and we’re going to have a Guys’ Night Out. Now to have a Guys Night Out, you need at least two guys. So tonight I have Alvaro with me. Did I pronounce that correctly? Don’t worry, you can call me Al. What, are you Paul Simon now all of a sudden? It’s going to be fun You can do everything here. You can smoke weed. You can go to the ladies of pleasure. Or just go sit in a cafe, drink and watch people stumble by on their way to …..the ground. Amsterdam is a place for alot of stag and hen parties. Contrary to popular belief, hen parties are different than cock fighting. Now, the Red Light District is full of fun but also it can be tricky to navigate. Now Alvaro and I are not nearly man enough to do that on our own So we’re tagging along with Oranje Umbrella Tours Tonight we’re going to do our infamous Red Light District Tour So we’re going to check out some bars, some of the underground pubs in the area and also we’re going to go through some of the tight hidden alleyways, look at the windows, see some of the girls and of course we’re going to finish at some of the infamous Amsterdam coffeeshops. 3..2..1… Boobies! We’re now gonna walk through one of the oldest alleyways in the Red Light District. And hopefully not get pickpocketed while we do it. I believe it’s the narrowest alleyway. But did you just get a d**k in your mouth?! Cheers! Women do earn here between 1000 and 2000 Euros A night? A night. Now, we’re going to see a peep show. Hi Mom! And the first thing you need to do is you’re going to get 2 Euros in coin, Hi Mom! The screeen of the window just goes up so you have a full view of the couple having sex on a rotating bed. And here’s the weird thing… You can actually see all the other windows of other people looking at it. That makes it extra weird! I don’t want to talk about it. Or you can enjoy a live sex show for your 50 or 100 Euros Because as our wonderful tour guide said, for 100 Euros, somebody better suck my c**k ! And nobody’s doing that. It’s true though. The special thing about the Banana Bar is that every woman that works there can do a certain trick, performance with a banana. I’m reading all the house rules they have. And they’re all pretty much common sense But sometimes you need to write common sense down And after that you need to smoke some weed and everything goes out the window instantly The night is good again C’ mon Alvaro It’s not good food. Don’t do it. It’s been out there for weeks! You’ve been watching Amsterdam Calling. That was a great tour tonight, so if you’re looking for a tour in the Red Light District, don’t forget to check out Oranje Umbrella Tours in the description below Thanks for watching this video. If you liked this, give it the good old “like” down below. If you really liked it and want to see more of this kind of stuff give it a subscribe, which is also somewhere down below I believe, or it is upstairs, I can’t remember now. Thanks for watching anyway, I’m going to get that Pina Colada Hot Dog again. Do they have Martini Hot Dogs? Bye Folks! They have mojitos! If I could I would give everyone in the world a puppy And I would love to cure everyone of their sadness and I want world peace.

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