Red White and Blue Party Ideas

Hey guys. You know Dollar Tree has
everything he need for any party and any season but today I’m
going to show you how to do it red, white and blue from affordable and
fun decorations to food, snacks and serveware you’ll have
the most Patriotic Party on the block. Let’s start with the decor. Ribbons
bubbles, bunting even lanterns. They always surprised me and I know everything’s only one dollar
but don’t throw away your party decorations from Dollar Tree. I mean look you can reuse these for
every patriotic holiday. You’ll also find plastic and paper
serveware. Use the plastic dishes to serve your
food and the paper plates for your guests. Don’t underestimate your dollar at Dollar
Tree. Drinks, snacks, condiments I mean they even have grilling tools. You can get everything
you need and its all only one dollar or less. Alright I’ll see you
in home. You’ll be surprised when I show you what
I’m going to do with all of my Dollar Tree finds. Hey guys. Now take a look at all of this
red, white and blue. And these luminaries. Can you believe I
made them myself. Are you a member of Dollar Tree’s Value Seeker Club? I am and that’s where I go this idea. Check it out on for
new ideas, fun contests and cool ways to spend less and save
more. I’ve I’ve learned that to make a get together fun you have to make it festive and get everyone involved. So I grabbed these leis for
everyone to wear and added sunglasses to the utensil basket. This is it easy way to have all your guests dressed in red, white and blue. Serving hot dogs?Make a hot dog station. The presentation looks great and it’s an easy way for guests to add their favorites. I’m going to take a photo and submit it to the Value Seekers Club. They
love seeing ideas like this. If you individually portion most of the food it makes serving quick and easy like the
smores. I even made popcorn cones. Great for the
fireworks show but it’ll be awhile before the
fireworks so I spent a couple bucks to keep the kids occupied and as the sun starts to set we have
glowsticks. Fun, safe and they’ll help us keep an eye on the kids when it starts to get dark. One last tip before you go. Take a look at the new Buy online for free in store pickup at any
Dollar Tree store. Stop by your Dollar Tree and let your party
shout red, white and blue. See you all later. the net

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