Regular People Vs. Competitive Eater: Thanksgiving Dinner

– I feel like Man Versus Food right now, this is the point where like, it hits you. And you feel like you’re gonna die. – Eat, eat, eat! (laughing) (squeaking of dry erase marker) (turkey gobbling) – I have never been in a
food competition before. – I have never participated
in any food eating competition before. – In fifth grade I was
third in a Twinkie eating contest at my elementary school. I’ve done the Buffalo Wild
Wings hot wing challenge, I’ve eaten the monster
burrito at Freebird’s. That’s technically a competition. Y’all are gonna see me
throw up or pass out. Either way, it’s not
gonna end well for me. – There are three of us. – Three versus one, like
there has to be some sort of odds in our favor. – Hi, I’m Yasir Salem. I’m a competitive eater, a marathon eater, and a triathelete. I took the world record
in corn on the cob in 2016 with 47 corn on the cob in 12 minutes. I’ve also set the record for cannoli, I believe it was 30
somewhat in six minutes. And I also hold multiple
records in the Tour du Donut bicycle races, and my
record there is 61 donuts over a 29 mile race. The challenge here for the other team is, they’re gonna have to move
pretty quickly through the food. It might not be a ton
of food for each person, but I can take down that
amount of food much quicker than they can. (driving rock music) – Yes!
– Yeah! – This is so much food! (cheering) – [Referee] Three, two, one, thanksgiving! (silly music) – Can’t breathe! – [Kayla] Need bigger bites! – This is good! – Oh my god, you guys. This is so hard! – This is gonna ruin Thanksgiving for me. – Everytime I swallow
I think I’m gonna die. (groaning) – [Kayla] He finished that whole things. (mumbling) (belching) (crowd groaning) – He’s pushing into a ball! – My jaw! How is he doing this? – Yo, we can beat him! We can actually beat him! Come on! – I like already feel nauseous. (mumbling) Eric, flash him! – Look at my boobs! – Focus, dammit! – Why is there more food,
it feels like it keeps appearing! – I could possibly throw up. I’m not going to, but in
the future may throw up. (triumphant music) – He’s laughing, he’s making him laugh! – I guess I’ll wash it down with gravy. (groaning) Whoa, we’re almost done! Medically I feel like I
should not eat anymore food. I don’t need to. I’ve eaten turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, pie,
in like three minutes. I don’t wanna! – You can do it! – I know! – Are you tapping out? – We’re not tapping out. – Okay. – We’re discussing, but
we haven’t tapped out yet. There’s not much more room here. The medical professional, should I stop? – Feel like passing out? – I feel like I’m either
gonna shit my pants or I’m gonna throw up. I’ve proven enough to myself. I’m tapping out. – Good job, team! – I don’t know what we
proved or what we did, but we got (mumbling)! To do things, with our mouths. (laughing) Y’all are gonna see me
throw up or pass out, either way it’s not gonna end well for me. (gagging) (chiming) – The other team did a
lot better than I thought, but they tapped out and I
encourage them next time, let’s do this again. – I honestly wasn’t
very confident going in, and as soon as I put
that turkey in my mouth, that first bite, I knew
was not gonna go well. – Food for five people,
three people, it’s like, surely we can do that. And then I saw the food,
and I was like, nope. – All things aside, it’s
always cool to see how far the human body can go. I feel like we tested our limits today. – Yeah. – We didn’t hold back. We bonded. – Good team bonding. – Now it’ll just make me
appreciate Thanksgiving that much more knowing
I don’t have to eat it in three minutes with three
pounds of food and gravy. (upbeat electronic music) (squeaking of dry erase markers)

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  1. I'm a slow eater. But I make up in quantity. I am literally a bottomless pit when it comes to food. I like to enjoy the flavor so I don't inhale it

  2. Eric is super cute especially his curls like damn.. i just wanna brush my fingers through his hair .. fkahdudb

  3. i can eat food fast too, sometime im not even bite the food, but this guy know how to put lot of food into his mouth

  4. You notice he isn't constantly talking and fooling around. They could probably have finished with a little focus.

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