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[ Bell dings ] What?
No! You guys!
This food! We can’t eat this! You choke down
whatever they feed us until we get that wallet. That’s an order! Our host is watching. [ Slurping ] [ All gulping ] [ Funky synth music plays ] ♪♪ And now frozen bug butts.
Enjoy. [ Stomach growling ] No more bug food. The wallet’s right over there.
Let’s just grab it and go. [ Sighs ] Yeah,
I can’t take much more. I’ll go talk to the King. Ahh, Mordecai. Hey, uh, I just wanted to say
thanks for dinner — all the bugs and guts
and stuff — but we’re in
a bit of a hurry. We were wondering… Ah, yes! We were wondering… Right. So if we could just snag it,
we’ll be out of your hair. Nonsense! You absolutely cannot
leave here until you’ve tried
our galaxy-renowned dessert! Bring out
the vanilla ice cream! -Oh, that’s awesome!
-I love vanilla ice cream. -All right, great!
-It’s refreshingly normal. -[ Screams ]
-[ Coos ] [ Groans ]

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  1. I feeel sorry for them but I have to 🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒🀧

  2. I was confused about how there’s a king in a mantis family when I first watched this episode. My guess is that the queen must have had a terminal illness so she allowed him to live to raise the princess.

  3. Okay lady J I Need You to chill over here you got me all kinds of messed up you think I'm about to eat those rotisserie eyes and maggots fetus's like bro that straight poop water the points that glass and you are about to drink that are you about to have mad diarrhea I'm talking that I just went to an off-brand restaurant enough food poisoning diarrhea like you really confident about getting that object that you will to mess your whole body up

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