Remember Where You Came From – Celebrating Black History Month

On Wednesday February 19th Hallmark
University hosted community members in an event celebrating Black History Month
with a talk given by Hallmark’s very own vice-president of advancement Clarence
“Reggie” Williams Reggie encouraged everyone to remember
who we are and how we got here so that we can continue to grow through
education courage and love where did we come from and how did we get here now I haven’t always been a fan of Black History everything I knew about Black
History was tragic and in my mind that was our history now I’m gonna tell you I
emphasized the wrong thing I emphasized the actions of the oppressor over the
deeds of the oppressed I emphasized the cruelty rather than the values that
allowed us to stand tall I emphasized what they did rather than how we survived
what was it that allowed us to get here as the old spiritual says Lord don’t move
the mountain just give me the strength to climb dear God you gave us all your
love to share with others we’re grateful for that love and the courage to keep

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