Rep. McCarthy blasts Pelosi for continuing to put party over country

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  2. Pelosi "No one is above the law." Clintons "Hold our beers." Obama "Hold my beer." DOJ/FBI/CIA "Hold our beers…but shhhh." IRS "Give me half of your beer."

  3. The BASIC issue, is that the Democrats are trying to practice "Roman Law" (guilty, until proven innocent), while the entire U.S. legal system is based upon "ENGLISH Law" (Innocent until proven guilty). This IS a major violation of the U.S. Constitution (supported by 18 USC 241). Under these conditions, and "given" the results of the vote by the U.S. House of Representatives, EVERY single Democrat in the House, should be subject to CRIMINAL prosecution.

  4. 100 cases of CV in US. Horrifying. 25,000,000 cases of flu in US, 41,000 deaths this year. Not horrifying.

  5. Pelosi can't even fix her district let alone try and run a country! She can't control the "squad"! Now she is obstructing justice! These Democrats don't work for us, they only work for themselves!

  6. The left is bankrupt …. Morally, spiritually, patriotically, and hopefully soon …. Financially!

  7. The Republicans put party over country in the impeachment trial – by not allowing witnesses or documents.

  8. Oh My God!

    They act like it only spread a couple weeks ago when the Opioid Epidemic has been growing steady for the last 50 + years

  9. Nancy Pelosi and All other Elite Demonrats have 10' high WALLS surrounding their "Mansions"! Obama has Seven Layers of Walls around his DC Compound, the last wall is 12' High! If wall don't work Why do Dems have these Walls?

  10. I speculate that Nancy Pelosi will "stumble" onto a cure for the Coronavirus… liter of Grey Goose per day, and lots of sleep. LOL! Oh, and a 200million dollar net worth, compliments of inside information and 30 years of living high on the hog, off of taxpayers.

  11. Pelosi's got problems… when they start to look back at 2008 stimulus package and see all the corruption by the democratic party… remember to vote!

  12. Say McCarthy, maybe it’s time you went home to your district and started listening to your constituents. You no longer speak for us.

  13. I can picture Speaker McCarthy working together with President Trump to lower middle-class taxes and reform broken immigration and winning trade & arms race with communist China.

  14. Nancy's mad because she knows she's hated so she will hold as much as she can back to hurt America she's VINDICTIVE 👈😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  15. It looks like the democratic party is in a panic over the monster of their own creation. Big bowl of popcorn coming right up.

  16. Instead of complaining do something! Tired of good Conservatives complaining and being right but not putting these turds behind bars or actually doing something that matters. Hold them accountable!

  17. Pelosi is a hero for America. trump is the traitor, putting self interest above all Americans when he used American taxpayer's money to manufacture smears to benefit his own campaign.

  18. Socialism makes more people poor and less small businesses and freedom, only a few at the top who rule over the masses, gets rich. More people employed in Government jobs and in the Parliament house to live on taxes and rule the masses, and those who actually are working and making money for the Country, (so the rich can live good) are struggling themself. Open the border for uneducated immigration is happening in these Countries because the Social party needs their votes.

  19. A Marxist in Democratic Socialist clothes. B.S. Obama is waiting for the nominee, he's not saying thing until then.

  20. The billions of dollars that disappeared from the Ukraine is being investigated, Barisma the company that Biden was involved with are main focus. Bad luck Biden. Hillary Clinton is going to court, this time nobody is in place to cover up her crimes. Gods times are coming!

  21. Republicans are a bunch of Hypocrites when Bernie was running on 2016 they defended him against Hillary, now he's on the top of the ticket and they are against him

  22. When looking out the top of a republican party locker room waste basket all of the assholes are at eye level and appear to be democrats.

  23. Nancy Pelosi will always be Nancy Pelosi. But Kevin McCarthy employing NeverTrump rhetoric about "putting country before party" makes me want to puke.

  24. You know how democrats been driving those gun restriction laws? Well, I think president Trump should comply and make it illegal for any left wing democrats and liberals to own or purchase firearms.
    Dems would get what they want, less guns on the streets. Also, this would stop leftys from trying a armed coup after president Trump gets re-elected.

  25. We already live in a very democratic socialist country…. Medicare and Medicaid is socialism, libraries are socialism etc. Anything thing is better than Fascism…. wake up!

  26. Nasty Nancy Pelosi there is absolutely nothing that surprise me, Nasty Nancy & Her elite Democratic cronies will do everything to stop President Trump. At the cost of every American. Why? So that nasty Nancy Pelosi & her Democratic cronies can hide there dirty tactics & blame President Trump. Guess what the American people have awoken & there is nothing you Democrats losers can do about it.

  27. At the risk of addressing idiotic people simply because they are too idiotic to understand simple words put into simple sentences, but here it goes anyway,,,how is it that the republicans are accusing democrats for the very same thing that they have shown the entire world of doing but on a much more serious level,which is,they violated their oath to god!!!!! and country!!!!

  28. The United States was NEVER intended to be a democracy. It's supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. The disdain for pure democracy in America traces back to the founding fathers. Alexander Hamilton didn’t like it: “Real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of Democracy.” Nor did Samuel Adams: “Remember, Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself!” Massachusetts’ Elbridge Gerry agreed: “The evils we experience flow from the excess of democracy”.
    Former governor of Virginia Edmund Randolph describes his desire for a Republic at the Constitutional Convention in 1787: “To provide a cure for the evils under which the United States labored; that in tracing these evils to their origin every man had found it in the turbulence and trials of democracy.”

    Many saw pure democracy as a form of government that inevitably “degenerate[s] into either anarchy or the tyranny of “mob rule.” This was certainly the observation of James Madison, who wrote to Jefferson: “In Virginia I have seen the bill of rights violated in every instance where it has been opposed to a popular current.”

    In fear of this tyranny of the majority, the founders clearly and explicitly established a Constitutional Republic, where laws are made and administered via representatives and powers limited by the written constitution. The founders and other Enlightenment thinkers believed it would:

    Help protect against majority tyranny by filtering the people’s desires through the rational discretion of other representatives… [and] help prevent government actions from depriving individuals of their rights, even when those actions are supported by a majority – sometimes an overwhelming majority – of the people…

  29. FACT: Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves, from southern Confederate Democrats.

    There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created…
    His answer was: "A Republic, if you can keep it!"

  30. I believe that the dems are supporting Biden because the Investigations are coming dwn on him and they think he will be untouchable if he’s in th front running. They sure do try to protect their own. But hey joe, it’s coming buddy. Oh it’s coming.

  31. Whew! Cut it pretty close there guys… what would a day at Fox News be without somebody 'blasting' the Dems for some such thing or other? 😄

  32. Both parties are controlled baby a foreign government entity called APEC if you don't swear a oath to Israel APEC.Won't let you be relected;Fox Just told you.

  33. Like Chelsea the "Obama girls" are rich, do either one of them EVER THINK OF A DNA TEST, TO SEE WHO THEIR REAL DADDY IS, THE WAY POCAHONTAS DID? WWG1WGA!

  34. Hello, where is the news about climate change?? Everywhere else in the world there is not a day climate change isn't in the news. The US seams to live in another universe without it. Other countries, especially poor countries that didn't contribute much to the emissions and where exploited through slavery have a real good reason to hate the US. They are not able to respond to floods, droughts, heatwaves, lost crops, algal bloom, wildfires, hurricanes, malaria, zika, respiratory diseases etc.

  35. Bernie Sanders is a seasoned career politician, with a belief that he has never veered from. Never underestimate him. Never.

  36. no body owes Isreal anything ,they are an apartheid involved in an illegal occupation wanted for human rights and war crime violations .people do not give up your first amendment rights for isreal

  37. The 2020 presidential race is no longer about the party you belong to will vote for a socialist/communist? I have watched for yrs our rights being trampled. Its time to show the world what America believes in. Are we to be a free country or a communist one? Well?

  38. These are some of the most dishonest people on TV. During the impeachment McCarthy repeatedly said stuff that was rebutted credibly a million times but he kept saying it. Example: Biden did a quid pro quo about the Ukraine prosecuter. Everybody knows that half the Western world wanted the guy to go and Obama sent Joe to do it.

  39. Trying to get back into your state propaganda roots to stop Trump from complaining about you on Twitter? Careful now.

  40. Hey Laura did you ever do a story on the USS LIBERTY?
    Im no AOC fan or hater of Israel. But come on even Fox blacklist anyone who speaks about Israel

  41. Three years of BS impeachment they need ro return their salaries and expenses we were charged! Why not discuss that. McCarthy is a compromiser.

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