Rep. Meadows sounds off on Dems for celebrating Trump’s impeachment

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  1. It won’t happen in 2020, but the next time dems regain power we the people are in big trouble. We must prepare now for the battle to come. It will be for the soul of our country.

  2. Pelosi could be removed from office due to her failing mental health.
    Remember when dems demanded president Trump's mental health to be checked?
    Well, now its time to return the favor by demanding Pelosi's mental health be tested as throughoutly as Trump's was!

  3. It’s time for “Profiles in Courage” from the Republican Party!  Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona claims there are 35 Republican Senators who would vote for impeachment of Trump behind closed doors.  Former Communications Director Scaramucci and in addition a Independent Conservative Republican group (who are promoting by way of ads) named Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo, and Giuliani if they testify in the Senate, Trump would need to resign.  Republican loyalty and fear cannot take charge.  It’s time for Republicans to place country first over party!  Remember Republicans “Fear” is an acronym for “Face Everything And Rise”.  Don’t allow or permit the authoritarian, autocrat, demagogue, and oligarch bully Trump to intimidate you! Take Charge Republicans and act!

  4. andddddd then nothing happened. LOL. So now we understand whatever Congress says is stupid & can't happen in real life.

  5. She Burnt, Toast That's Why She and Demented Deception and Demonic Dismal Democrats Wore Black..Like Their Father Satan Who Is a Black Creature Who Loves Lies.. Their Comfortable in Everything Evil

  6. Pelosi is denying President Trump the right to a senate trial, which is obstruction of justice. It isn't just Republicans that can see the Democrats are using this to meddle in the 2020 elections now….I have seen and heard thousands of Dems who are very upset about Pelosi withholding the Articles of Impeachment. They now realize it has been a political game by the Dems all along—and it makes them mad.

    TRUMP 2Q2Q.I 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Someone has to be in charge of erecting the gallows for hanging the Democrats and their cronies in the media and the federal government. Is that going to be Mark Meadows?

  9. The Democrats are guilty of sedition and treason and then they laugh about it. I don't think history is going to be too kind to this particular Congress of 2019

  10. See my spirit thing told me when I think in talking to you it's the group chat people and you don't know what I said well it's long and if you don't come talk to me I will fight you hill k there now come

  11. So every time I type in my comment box they put flags up my spirit things say he's not a agent he's posing as a cop I've said important things I believe ik who they are and uk all the people ik so if u don't say it's you or your gana hear me for a long talk I'ma fight you believe

  12. America and her world economy/international relationships, have been the backbone of the free world since 1945. Never perfect but relatively stable. With the unfortunate advent of Trump, that era has officially announced it has a terminal illness. We were so brash to think we were superior. Now the world is seeing the truth. Our weakness has been exposed by an old man with an un-diagnosed personality disorder [don't doubt that for a second]…and by those who have blindly embraced him. Who knew exactly how weak we really were?

    Now we know. Everybody knows. Thanks to a pathological amateur who was gifted a position he wasn't fit for and who still blindly believes it'll all work out because only HE can swing it. This man has a very good chance of heavily damaging or even destroying us…and I seriously believe he'd ok with that. As long as the story-line remains all about him I believe he'd be twittering, preening and posturing all the way to ashes. [don't doubt that for a second either.]

  13. The Republicans better wake UP!! Pelosi is not going to give the articles of impeachment to the Senate now , BECAUSE she's waiting for the Democrats to take the Senate in the 2020 elections. THEN she will issue the articles to the Senate, and no matter that Trump wins; HE WILL BE IMPEACHED; TOTALLY!!! AND REMOVED!! WAKE UP REPUBLICANS!!!

  14. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler: trump must be impeached for abuse of Congress!
    Pelosi: abusing Congress and extortion of senate… 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. Democrats are Socialist Bullies and have shown how intolerant they are of anyone who does not agree with them. They want Power to continue Enriching them selves . Not serving the people.

  16. The funniest thing of all is so many brainwashed democrats are not sure if Trump is still our President after the vote. I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought my ribs were breaking. I am absolutely bumfounded by their ignorance. Lemmings

  17. It looks like Obama was a puppet, and some dems – like Hilary, Pelosi, Shiff, Biden, Nadler – made a kind of „financial factory”, ruling the country in a very special way. Publicly they expressed full devotion to Americans and their problems. Dems' social programs like „Obama care” were facade, kind of „chocolate muss”, making people sure that dems are zero in on their crucial life problems, that Americans are under good protection, that dems take full care of them. Behind this facade – which actually never worked – dems run their „financial factory”. They ruined USA, by selling USA piece by piece, for bribery. Good examples are Uranian deal with Russia and UMCA agreement. According to UMCA the crucial question is – why Pelosi kept it so long on her desk? Answer- because dems expected they will impeach Trump and will make their own agreement with China. They probably offered China officials much better (better for China and for them) trade conditions – for bribery, counted in billions of USD, and big income lost for USA. If I am right, at the beginning China reaction to Trump's offer was synchronized with dems – dems probably contacted China officials and offered them much better agreement that offered by Trump. Check it please, were they in contact or not. If I am right, in the first phase of negotiations between Trump and China, the strategy of China officials was to postpone their decision and do not accept Trump's offer. Then, when Chinas saw that dems attempts to remove Trump from presidential position are useless, they decided to make agreement with Trump as soon as possible. They were afraid, that Trump will discover their double play. Dems expected anyway, that their agreement will work, and up to the last moment, to Trump „impeachment”, they did not agreed to China – Trump's agreement. The agreement was on Pelosi's desk for 8 month. As soon as they understood, that their „impeachment” will not work as they expected, Pelosi signed Trump's agreement, trying to make political impression, that Trump's agreement is in fact „her” agreement, her success.
    I think, that so called „Iranian” agreement was done exactly according to presented model – as I said. Dems probably offered Iran time, crucial element necessary for Iranian to make their own atomic bomb, and dems probably took 1.5 billion USD in cash for that. They simply sold USA interests, piece by piece, doing agreements like this possible. Very similar was probably Uranian agreement, as well. They simply used to make deals like that, they became fully corrupted, and they should be arrested immediately for that. Their bank accounts (in USA, Russia and Switzerland) should be checked, their incomes should be checked, their contacts with China and Iran should be checked, their contacts with Russia should be checked. They should be neutralized and eliminated from political stage of USA, for American people goodness.

  18. Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, Harry Sargeant.

    Businessmen who donated well over $325,000 the Trump political action committee in 2018 and $2million to Republican PAC's. The goal they advertised through lobbying efforts on capital hill was to get government help with their Ukraine oil business interests. They retain the services of Rudy Giuliani. The main company that provides their biggest competition is the same company that Hunter Biden was a board member of.

    This helped the relatively unknown entrepreneurs gain access to top levels of the Republican Party — including meetings with Trump at the White House and Mar-a-Lago.

  19. All of Trumps efforts to give, support and protect the American people first! He fights for us and is not a President pursuing political gain. His record proves that.

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  21. The democrats used 600 page, The note from "Billy" I voted for Donald ~ game over ~ 4 words ~ no one saw this coming, some days are like that in politics, for example "Dewey Wins",

  22. What about if the Senate doesn’t accept the articles when Your Magesty Pelosi decides to send it to the Senate? Don’t accept it!’put conditions before accepting them! Play her game!

  23. Home Alone 2 was filmed on location in Chicago and New York City, including at the Rockefeller Center and the original World Trade Center. Despite receiving mixed to negative reviews from critics, who found it to be overly similar to its predecessor, the film became the second most financially successful film of 1992, earning over $173 million in revenue in the United States and $359 million worldwide against a budget of $28 million.

    A sequel featuring a new cast of characters, Home Alone 3, followed five years later in 1997.

    On December 18th, 2019 Donald Trump became the first cast member of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

  24. Sadly, Pelosi's time is coming to an end. Her House Political impeachment charade is every Global Leaders standing joke. Our Market indexes means Jobs and investments of Billions. Wall Street is red hot and Trump's America is winning.

  25. the socialist democrats think that they will be in congress forever, but their time up very soon, they can high-5 all while there is time.

  26. This is Nancy's abusive of power to declare impeachment! Just like those bad cops who pull people over for no apparent reason and give a ticket with no chance of defending themselves in court. Now she wants to be the judge as well?

  27. Pelosi is making it hard for a woman to be trusted in politic. She isn't setting a good example to follow. Sad Sad Sad

  28. This comments section is full of Misinformation put out by the troll farms of the Russian Propaganda Network of Rossiya 1 which for all intents & purposes controls, with few exceptions, the Fox Pravda Propaganda Network. The daily Misinformation Drug-laced Pablum is what most Trump Cult supporters consume daily.

  29. This is beside the point. I listened to the transcript finally. The entire conversation is a bunch of boring politics to begin with. Zalenski begins buy verbosely and prolixically flattering President Trump to the point at which he might as well have been blindly complimenting his necktie! Then, instead of asking for Aid – which is what the media and the house Dems quoting the media in a vicious circuit claim was at stake – zelinsky doesn't ask for Aid. He merely mentions that he will be filling the coffers of u.s. arms dealers at some point in the future by making a purchase of Javelin missiles. That's not Aid. What was President Trump supposed to respond when he was told about some hypothetical money by zielinski? Was he supposed to say, where's the money? If he had said where's the money, what would the Dems have said then? I have no idea. But I would say that President Trump bringing up the Biden affair was more of a redirection towards something more appropriate and in tune with the rest of the call – than any sort of statement of, oh your money's no good zelenski. Give me a break! The entire call is nothing but zielinski buttering up President Trump and buttering up him up some more to the point where it's entirely appropriate to bring up the Biden affair. In fact, zielinski specifically said prior and unsolicited – we're draining the swamp. What do you suppose that meant? What you've got is a conversation between two guys complaining to one another about corruption, followed by a discussion of stratagem to fight said corruption. The interlude between the two topics, it seems to me – namely The Mention Of Javelin missiles – is merely zielinski encouraging Trump to get to the point of the names. This was never about the rebels in East Ukraine! – or the volunteer ukrainians fighting them. What is Donald Trump guilty of? Using the word " though"? "Though" is merely an affirmation that the money is "good". – ain't that something? Was it? Because it was zielinski who made clear that he was not asking for charity.

  30. Nervous Nancy Swamp-Queen Pelosi has destroyed herself alongside Evil penguin Nadler, Pencil-neck bug-eyed GUILTY Schiff, and the rest of the radical Leftist DO-NOTHING Democrat Party of Hate, Lies, TREASON and QUID PRO QUO JOE under Obama's Deep State SOROS OWNED, COUP of Corruption. Projecting their own GUILT OF TREASON, they are laughing stocks in the eyes of THE ENTIRE WORLD as President Trump celebrates WIN after HISTORIC WIN! These EVIL VILE DEMS are on the WRONG side of History as the TRUTH in FACTS are ALL on Trump's side.

  31. I fight because you only give the grays worship u know u never hear about the angels TAKEING people acent alines said there not dangerous but with my hate to them in the picture I sent Korea is real of mister t or somebody don't talk to me

  32. All the dems be like, happy happy joy joy, until reality kicks back in november 2020 then it will be slit wrists, whining, job loses, more whining and the trump voters will be laughing at them.

  33. God states that humanity is living in the “last hour” of Earth’s history and that this “last hour” is to be characterized by the appearance of the antichrist.
    1 John 2:18 “Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.”
    God is stating that humanity is living in the last time, the last era, the last period of Earth’s history. God is reminding the early church believers of a prophecy they had already heard—namely, that the antichrist was going to come.

    THESSALONIANS 2: 3, 4 “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of LAWLESSNESS is revealed, the MAN DOOMED TO DESTRUCTION. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.”

    This great antichrist will set himself up in God’s temple and counterfeit the ministry of Christ.

  34. LIAR … Dems did not celebrate.. they were saddened by the reality TRUMP IS CORRUPT AND IMMORAL TO THE BONE .. Just like the Christian Magazine said..

  35. Lying cheating anti America anti American immigrant loving assholes ,that’s the democrats ….Arrests and jail time needed and asylums for anyone that votes democrat ….

  36. Reminds me of a typical cuop in South America, or Africa.
    The second amendment plays a big role in this. Every veteran discharged signs an affidavit that says, "I will always remember, that I am an American Fighting Man."

  37. when this is over and Trump is vindicated, I say he should design a bright red MAGA serving tray, with all the dirty dems asses on it. could pay for the biggest inauguration party in history.

  38. No its not gonna shake out in Nancy´s favour in the senate….but thats because the Republican Senators are crooked, just like the Republican Congressmen. Do you people actually understand how stupid it looks when these spineless coward crook enabler congressmen sits there and says that "everything was perfect", "he has done nothing wrong", its laughable. At least acknowledge that he did wrong but its not serious enough for impeachment. But hey who am i talking to….this is the comment section for FOX news channel

  39. Meadows.. Another horseshit cash in creep.. Made millions off tax payers and he's gone. Typically redudlican.. Scurvy. Just like Donnie diapers….

  40. One of the grounds for impeachment is high crimes and described in the constitution, a high crime is one that can be done only by someone in a unique position of authority, which is political in character, who does things to circumvent justice. President Donald J. Trump is entitled to justice in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is using her unique position as Speaker of the House to circumvent justice by holding Articles of Impeachment from the Senate until she acquires a trial of her preference. She has violated her oath of office, committed this high crime as defined in the constitution, and by law must be impeached from office.

  41. Andrew was the name on my email that said hired I've told you this before guys u said u wouldn't do anything but there posing as the governments like Iran and Korea because I was having a talk with them I thought and it said he was with Ally when I was thought I was talking to you so cia with your power and my story about what allys freinds are doing

  42. Trump is lord, King Douchebag, for sure. I would NOT let him babysit my kids. BUT he is not remotely guilty of anything here. The Dems look like bigger idiots then the Republicans looked when they impeached Clinton.

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