Rep. Ocasio-Cortez On The Democratic Party, Green New Deal, 2020 Candidates | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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  1. FOX: 70% of the Americans support AOC's 70% tax cut for the rich 1%. Her program of healthcare, education, economic emancipation, workplace reform, stopping 'pay for play', stopping lobby (AIPAC) etc., popular in all the states, is spellbinding. In short she is the one who can drain the swamp and make MAGA. USA needs a leader for 2020, Americans have found her.

  2. You`ll have a problem is this woman wins, she`ll open flood gates for latinos to enter the US. Women in any government weakens it.

  3. AOC has refused to debate anyone from the right. she only goes to liberal balless stations that never challenge her ideas — because they are pointless.

  4. great fluff piece! please don't ask nay really hard questions… and NEVER… NEVER follow up when she seems confused!

  5. Green new deal sucks. Socialist govt takeover Ain't happening. You are a liar and fraud. Dems are frauds and liars just like the media.

  6. She is right about multiple parties unless real conservatives want to be labled racist xenophobic john birchers and dixiecrats. Parliamentary sytems work very well but they are in democracies. America's Oligarchy requires only winner and loser in a binary dysfunctional clusterfrack that preserves the chaos, violence, and unrest that is so profitable for media, security, arms, jails, and mortuary services. America can get to 4% growth if a civil war broke out.

  7. She won't debate anyone with s brain, that'll ask questions, she hasn't studied with her puppet masters,

  8. Socialism has robbed the economic future of millennials. All of the programs have been based upon a Ponzi scheme from Social Security to Obamacare. The entire foundation of socialism is constructed on taking other people’s money. Naturally, they always point the finger at the rich. But the social programs are really based upon one generation paying for the previous. In Europe, they call them the “Lost Generation” because unemployment is running at 50-60% levels among the youth. If we simply add up what we have all paid into these programs with inflation over our lifetimes, whatever we eventually receive back is a fraction of the real wealth we contribute.
    The Ponzi scheme of socialism is coming to an end. It has wrongly deprived the lower class of investing, for the money taken from them for their future is restricted to government bonds. The rich get rich, not from wages, but from investments — the very thing governments deny the lower classes.

  9. My family and I with Ocasio- Cortez for 2020. She is beautiful intelligent and come with real solutions to the problems we confront in this time.

  10. So many tv news are systematic and don't say anything against them the 5% filthy reach people Alide with the government……….. AOC is the best Option for 2020.

  11. If you have to ask if you can be a socialist and a capitalists simultaneously, you don't know what a socialist is. I feel like Americans should go learn these terms before they have these discussions, the ones that are polar opposites and therefore, mutually exclusive are capitalism and communism. AOC has this on point and truly understands what socialism is.

  12. Model behaviour facist Communist doublespeak for controlling your behaviour re education camp's for behaviour modification a commitment with teeth is her mantra she is a reprobate a disgusting piece of excrement.

  13. Rising star??? Young people's thing??? Open your mouth and you simply spews STUPIDITY!!! Your little girl voice fits your mindset!!! Your act is part of your parties PROBLEM!!!

  14. AOC is a latin American supremacist, several interviews revealing how superior she feels people of not white descent are.

  15. Her popularity is based on comedy, on the fact that shes to stupid to know when to shut her mouth,and how her unaccountability is her platform.good intertainment at a high cost to taxpayers.


  17. Zzz. My President trump ya tiene el medication plan under control. He just needs to do the final draft.

  18. My dear sister Alexandra ocasio Cortez God bless you for ever your American hero one love keep your head up 👍😘😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  19. This Puerturicanian woman is one stupid gal! Definitely not good for this country, and I believe she is a traitor.!

  20. We are getting scammed by big pharma, Insurance companies, hospitals,doctors I went to emergency was there overnight all they did was hydrate me and charged $48,000.

  21. Shes smart. Smarter than trump buy far.ask Trump the exact same questions and all you'll get is him walking out and screaming fake news

  22. Original Author unknown "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" Words spoken never truer than today. Literally !

  23. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible for a populist to bypass traditional big donors and win. Populism is the future!

  24. she's the epitome of why Dems lost in 2016 and lost 2020 already and yes I was a registered Democrat . WTF ? good jobs? , she just send away
    25000 6 figure Amazon jobs packin" , !!!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!

  25. Heh…Usually, Chuck is a real butt-hole when interviewing Progressives, so, I'm surprised to see that he behaved himself with A.O.C. Maybe he's starting to get a slightly better feel for which way the wind is blowing. Nah, I very much doubt that he could ever really stop being a paid corporate toady.

  26. Total loser. Trump will destroy her in debate, as witnessed when Homan shut her down. This woman doesn't even understand the term "Illegal"

  27. Great interview with AOC, regarding issues of the environment, healthcare, identity & class – – much, much more! Onward OAC! / Adelánte AOC!

  28. You mean redistribution of wealth on steroids!A designable offense ? Denying humanitarian aid at border? Deny food, deny beds, deny blankets? She did this! Can you say hypocritical, racist? STUPID???

  29. Honestly, can Chuck Todd ever let a guest finish their statements before he cuts in with a counter or a new question? How hard can it be to keep your mouth shut until your guest finishes answering your question??

  30. First impression. I don't know what is more sad. The brain dead horse pretending to have a brain or the person giving credit to a dead horse for being alive if it gives him ratings.

    Second Impression. I might not test to be African, but that doesn't make my hair any less nappy. So I would really like to know what the purpose is of this nut job telling me she's a descendant of Africans, Natives, and Spaniards when literally I am Creole and that is the race of my family (Native Cree being 200 years ago or so and now more than likely Chippewa or Cherokee following two upheavals in two countries.) This girl is nuts.

  31. AHH the Socialist who didn't even know what a garbage disposal was and what u put in a garbage disposal yah that Lying Corrupt Socialist trying to push COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM IN AMERICA that America REJECTS and we are not going to be like China .NO THANKS AND U DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER BE IN POWER EVER AGAIN SHORTLY JUST LIKE Q AND TRUMP SAID.enjoy the show Lying Clowns

  32. What's wrong with you people? Didn't you do your research? the weather has been manipulated… By the elite…….. For years. The biggest priority is that they have been involved in child trafficking on a huge scale, the people on the very top……. They have been also quietly killing us with poisons… This woman is a total puppet of the rothschild dictarioship……..

  33. she is out of control ! and that green deal is a socialist plan , medic for all in Amerika is nuts with 305 million people its ridiculous that smart people believe her

  34. AOC. Please, please, please stay in front of the camera. Please keep showing the American people just how completely ridiculous and nonsensical the left is. You are a gift from God to the American patriots. The more you talk the better freedom and liberty looks because, what sane person would have you in control of anything?

  35. Green New Deal is a smoke-screen by Left. Recommend you read it – H Res Bill 109. It's only 14 pgs. It is a Socialist Manifesto offering free this, free that and is camouflaged by a fake crisis.

  36. AOC is very smart. Her attitude and views are right and just. Her insight is far beyond her years and experience. Get ready America . AOC will help change our broken country for the better. She just makes sense. Love her ❤️ !!!

  37. First politician I’ve ever trusted to make a humane choice, must be because she doesn’t avoid real issues and articulates solutions with eloquence.
    Thank you for bringing straight talk back to American politics, I hope we someday grow to rightfully distrust subversive doublespeak


  39. If listeners have not noticed, in the maze of words, AOC is lecturing listeners, not take towards a solution to any issue; much like cow-fart. Of course, Chuck enjoys pandering to anyone from The Democratic Party.

  40. AOC Is truly the change we've been waiting for.
    The change obama failed to deliver.
    Hope for the future and living in harmony with our planet..

  41. The major fault with Medicare for all is that to be fully covered you will still need a relatively expensive medigap policy. Real single payer would avoid that. Medical care should not be a profit center in the economy. It is an overhead, part of the infrastructure of the country, not a wealth producing element. It is also the equivalent in modern terms of the right to life, a phrase that should be familiar to everyone from somewhere in US history……

  42. Evolution consciousness ,young woman.?,are you hearing your self?, because only the well educated will take her as a joke and be serious about it

  43. Repubs & Dems both have good and bad, should take GOOD, DISCARD BAD from each other, balance, and make each other better for America (CHINA is coming fast. No time left). Under every city, neighborhood, community AOC Dems Gang-Bangers, Dr0g Dealers, K1dnappers, Murderers, P1mps p1mping their wives, Wife-beaters flourishing, and alot of times turned blind eyes.. Under Repubs rich getaway with white color crimes.. Funny, AOC is SILENT about her community hot bed of worse crimes, is not interested, only interested in sensational headlining rich.. Sorry, nothing personal. Like it or not, it says something about her…

  44. AOC is the real (NEW) deal; the rightful successor to Henry Wallace! When she becomes age-eligible for POTUS, I will be one of her most ardent supporters.

  45. We lower-99% outnumber the reactionary top-1% 99 to 1! What we need is for the lower-99% to become Progressive. LONG LIVE THE NEW DEAL !

  46. AOC Raul Castro granddaughter…👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

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