Representative McKelvey at the celebration of Mo‘i Wahine Keōpūolani at the Waiola Church (02/29/20)

Aloha everybody! Welcome back to district 10 television. I’m your host and your representative, if you live in Lahaina, of
District 10, Representative Angus McKelvey. I had an amazing weekend. First of all, WOW- what a wild, windy, rainy weekend it
was, I mean we had shingles coming off our roof; cats and dogs everywhere, it was
pretty crazy scene, but one of the things I did get to do was attend Waiola
Church’s 197th anniversary. It was an amazing site- people braved the rain and the wind to come out to the church and celebrate Keōpūolani, the wife of
Kamehameha and mother of Kamehameha II and Kamehameha III, and
Kamehameha III is particularly close in our hearts in West Maui because he
had made Lāhainā the capital of the entire, then Kingdom of Hawai’i and resided right down the road from Waiola Church and Waiola Church was actually one of
the first birth places of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement in the 1890s after
the overthrow and they’ve been an amazing, passionate time. You’ll see some kāhili in there, and the kāhili is done by Aunty Flo Makekau and she’s been
doing them for years, all handcrafted. She made a couple, we’ll show it in a probably
our next episode or so, from our office but a beautiful one, we’ve got some photos and videos of that, so check out the video. We interview some of the vendors
and take photos of the event and hope you have a rainy, wet Monday and we’ll be
back later to talk more about the crossover day coming up in all the big
bills there are poised for the 2020 session. Aloha! -All these are made on the… what’s the
difference between the Hawaiian bamboo again and the… – The Hawaiian bamboo is a thinner
bamboo. You see how thin the wall is and it makes it better tone, so when you make
a nose flute or something, the tone on it is really different, the kani, the sound of it, but the foreign bamboo is more thick. It’s a thicker
bamboo, like the Tahitian bamboo is more thick so I use that because it’s easier
to you know make prints in them. The small one is take so hard but it’s easier to make my prints on and all my prints are all original, just grab the stick and wack ’em.

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