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  1. I'm an atheist so I don't even believe in heaven , i voted for Obama twice and jill stien in 2016.
    This ccrap is fake news and EXACTLY why i will be voting Republican for the first time in my entire life in 2020. I resent begin manipulated by political activists masquerading as journalists. You people have absolutely no integrity

  2. Trump is an incompetent, greedy bastard. Tell me republicans, why support someone who aligns himself with fascism. I rarely give a free pass to republicans. But free pass is given. I wont to know why?

  3. Trump gets the idiot's to vote for him thats why he will probably win again and in that after his 2nd term well will be to far gone in global warming

  4. Democrat's complain about everything, and the news allows them to complain on TV. No more pushing around the Patriots in this country. If you do not like our message, fix your own lives, and find a place elsewhere, to be mad.

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