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  1. If you watch shows that use highly paid white male puppets spewing anti trump (aka anti white male) narratives then you might be a sheep.

  2. Don't sweat it Donnie, those rich people you gave the tax cuts to aren't trying to impeach you. It is the others you know who they are.

  3. I don't see why @marcorubio is so concerned about the US leaving Syria. He was obviously joking. He plays you guys like a violin. #notsosharpie

  4. "Zippy…Zippy…where's my Zippy…" <Trump looks around himself, apparently unable to find his Zippy>
    "Uh…he's standing right next to you sir, like he has been for the last half hour."
    Nah, he's not suffering from dementia at all!

  5. But when it's trump, jokes DO need to be explained! Remember that time when Bill Maher had to go to court to explain to trump that when he asked him to produce his birth certificate to prove his real father wasn't from his mother having sex with an orangutan he was joking?

  6. Where's my zippy? I thought he'd just seen a woman he thought was a "10" & needed to fix some tension he was feeling from a little mushroom

  7. you guys need a third party and for the republican party to be dismantled – its rotten and corrupt to the core. these people are highly compromised

  8. Totally correct – We can not impeach a president for doing a great job…
    …and that is why we are impeaching this president.

  9. Well no, Stephen has had to go on television to say that he was making a joke. I remember a certain Mister Ching, I believe his name was.

  10. ad Hominem arguments are ALWAYS wrong, but, in fact, I still think he looks like an obese orange Orangutan in a business suit.

  11. Your show has become a boring political sledging platform. You have said Trump more times than an obsessed lover. Imagine now how dumb you are going to look when Trump is re-elected and impeachment becomes a distant dream. Don't worry, we will be there to remind you.

  12. But what if that electoral candidate IS a crook? Do you become immune to prosecution because you run in an election?
    If those crimes happen to be on foreign soil, who else but a president or his cabinet is going to ask for the countries help in getting to the truth?
    Also, most former US presidents have asked for foreign aid in investigations.

    Before you say "what crime?!", if a business owner suddenly starts driving Ferraris, has a couple of penthouses, through owning a coffeeshop or somesort, there isn't a crime per se there either, but it sure smells very fishy. It warrants investigation.
    If the candidate itself has nothing to hide, why doesn't he welcome the investigation? He is posing to be your next president (I'm not American btw), so wouldn't it be due diligence to look this horse in the mouth? Or will any crook or crooked political family do, as long as it isn't Trump? I hear good things about the maffia otherwise. They can make you offers you just can't refuse.

  13. So like, can Jon Baptiste do a monologue one night, while Stephen and Jon Stewart move in together under his desk? Really liking that they are including him in the scripts… He's so talented!

  14. You ready for some facts? 1. Ukraine re-opened investigation into Biden back in February of this year. Look it up. Fact 2. Biden was made point man to Ukraine and within 2 months his son became board member of burisma. Guess who owned the bank that the 1.8 million that Biden was gonna hold back? The bank owned by the oligarch who owned burisma. Wake up people

  15. Don tweeted and spelled witch wrong ! That's hysterical ! I'm not good at spelling but there's no excuses for a president ! That's unacceptable ! But I need my bae ! She's my sunshine

  16. Stranded reaching out – I call your name and your not around ! I'm all alone and got nobody ! I got nobody by my side ! I think I'm losing my mind now ! For sure !

  17. What has Trump actually done to make him think he is doing a great job? I'm sure my country doesn't get all the news about him doing anything that is positive, we only really hear about his lies and taking credit for others work.

  18. OK, is nobody else wondering why Japan would want American eggs? Every Japanese recipe that calls for raw eggs says 'don't do this outside of Japan, our eggs are different'.

  19. IG HOROWITZ REPORT OUT IN NINE DAYS  —  Details FISA abuse by Obama Admin  —  "AS THICK AS A PHONE BOOK"   THIS is what the phony "impeachment" circus is trying to DISTRACT FROM.  Also, Special Counsel John Durham MASSIVELY EXPANDS his probe into the fake "Russia Collusion Hoax".   He now has Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller in his crosshairs for CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.    Popcorn time, y'all!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. A few places you should watch your use of humour.
    1. At the airport. Avoid jokes about bombs, guns, hijacking, etc.
    2. When testifying. Stick to the truth and nothing but the truth. Kidding around is not generally approved by the judge.
    3. When giving a press conference claiming your innocence. Don't then jokingly commit the same crime that you are accused of.

  21. Late Show With Stephen Colbert AND "Trunp Says, "You Can't Impeach A President For Having A Great Ec9n9my & Low Employment.". Well, the Republicans Did So With Clinton Over 20 Years Ago"

  22. I am non American and confused, is Trump is planting evidence against Hunter Biden in Ukraine or China? or is he investigating valid corruption, because if its proven its the latter than Steve and other Dems would have secured Trump relection

  23. I'm glad someone else is mentioning Trumps behavior as being juvenile. He is and has always been a rich, spoiled, punk.

  24. God does it ever end, or is this just to keep the night show hosts talking and the 45th in the worlds eye, there is a free world out here that is so fucking over this,…Dot Dot Dot… sort it out America …Dot Dot Dot..for fuck sake or our sake..please..thank you

  25. So when dead Kurds who faithfully allied themselves with America to fight ISIS are scattered across the landscape and no one will ever, ever trust America again, Republicans will say he was just joking about withdrawing American troops from Turkey.

  26. Except they had already contacted China about investigating the Biden’s. Hard to claim it is a joke when you already broached the subject with China.

  27. Why do people think the economy has anything to do with the current president? It’s a reflection of the previous president.

  28. Zippy in informal arabic means: (dick)
    So every arabs when heard the president of USA said where is my zippy? they fell down to earth whith loud laughs… and wonder where did he lost it? and to whom? or whom stole it?

  29. A lot of you seem very negative of Trump… but guess how he got voted in? Yeah, weak republican candidates, voted in by dumb Americans because the Democrats had very bad candidates like Hilary Clinton. Maybe, Democracy doesn't always work…

  30. Sorry Trump, you're the only one calling American produce good. Europe doesn't want your chlorinated chicken or hormone laced beef.

  31. God, Zippy's put on weight since leaving Rainbow. Is he still in a relationship with George the Pink Hippo?

  32. I think it is funny when the Democrats talk about Republicans toeing the party line. What in the blazes do the Democrats do? Hollywood, all the late night so called comedians, a large majority of the newspapers,ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN all fall right in line with the Democrat talking points. A survey was done and 90% of the media vote Democrat, so. . .

  33. Wait. I just realized…holy shit, Trump actually gave a time frame when claiming he had the lowest unemployment in 51 years…he usually just claims whatever he does is the best "ever" or a vague "in a long time" – and he seemed clear when he said it. So either he finally learn to read teleprompters properly amd they had the info, or he is so nervous about the impeachment he actually gave a time frame rather than his usual hyperbole.

  34. Zippy? Wheres my Zippy? Sounds like he is looking for his Teddy bear. Maybe he has started giving jobs to his stuffed animals and imaginary friends? Wouldn't doubt it. Just take Kushner for example. Giving out appointments to imaginary comfort animals- a new high in nepotism!

  35. I beg you my fellow Americans to read an article I found by accident called, "Beyond Reason: Mental Retardation: An Overview." It's totally Trump. It explains everything about him. Why he has no morals and doesn't understand what they are. And why for dirt of the Bidens as a favor he and the General in charge of our troops in Syria pulled them out to leave the Kurdish people to be slaughtered and to let the ISIS prisoners escape. There's a video that came out today that show them leaving the prison. They should have shot them before they left but they probably need the ammunition to protect their families. God help them. We now have a retarded boy in the White House who murders people for his own gain. Can you imagine how horrible the Biden's are feeling now? It's not their fault but it is Putin's fault. The hater of American who knew Trump is retarded and told his fellow Communist psychopaths Xi and Kim how to play Trump to get what they want. Please pray for the Kurdish people. There is now a child in the White House whose become a murderer. Again. God help America. No country is going to trust us for this evil Trump has brought down on us. He should be taken out of the Oval Office and immediately put in jail before he calls someone else and gets more people killed for his own ends. 🙁 Songs

  36. Any faux pas Deadbeat Donnie blurts his squirming eyerolling red hat roaches will claim "u kommie libtards dont get his kneeslapping sense of humor"

  37. You guys don’t get it. Trump supporters aren’t necessarily supporting Trump per se. They support his agenda and policies. Period! That explains the deafening silence of the republican lawmakers. 🧐

  38. The fact that there's a guy named Zippy Duval is one thing. What makes this even more hilarious is Trump looking ALL over the room before someone pointed out that Zippy is RIGHT NEXT to him. Just a pinch behind Trump but still in his peripheral vision! C'MON!

  39. 3:23 Tax cuts to himself, thief. Regulations that protect the environment!? Also Obama turned the economy around, not you.

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