Review fun jujur Garuda Indonesia. Kelas Bisnis vs Ekonomi Pramugari reaksi kocak😀Lagu Garuda 🇮🇩

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Patel topical [Music] [Music] to show you the hacia Syria testimony [Music] [Applause] I detest insane has been caused because of this picture maybe because of the picture here they Academy booze I can feel my body hold against the concrete but I can’t apologize I’m finishing off a hollow sometime in about the hardest improper though just relax chill a bit listen to the good music top you fight yeah yeah monotheistic area Nancy Lee super laguna llaca hydration [Music] [Applause] [Music] you sorry I’m so busy I give you another call here wait wait we don’t go simatai I got a meeting like it okay sorry bro okay sorry sexy boobs got in saqqara color come on more massive business class and come on ro okay but you can honestly at Cebu Carlos Lee ha business kali-yuga gababa gasps aha I owe you my minute [Music] Nikita Nikita [Laughter] to day ya boo boo oh yeah I’ll say okay – I’mI’m happy deduct success Chari Hacienda be ok I see yeah oh yeah yeah Granta job of business [Music] German Jareth – yes other class to defecate plastic yes hello Danny Solano Gnawa Ashley Sawa who can salon Kawai be an unlucky in Arizona Kawai Garuda – Julia Ashley Baja beard on tawa the airline there is Journal a pathetic villain pneumonia we are was Ballack on to tawa this is what I love most about Indonesian people they always friendly in the 50s Monday ticket price jicama Parker Luna bintang Garuda unmanned and surfacing anther bike in keen harvest by acidic ilaria kentukcy enormous Camuto city of Cali foggy Garuda on time on time we Buchan Declan you can endorsement to my best cabin crew in the world yeah chantix colleague be German be cremeux belong nemanja L&D German tepee vests are done lega on Kakaako visa Salinger complete any choco yama price value past but now Let Me Entertain You bonocore I’m Libby Sukanya yada liar this an adequacy appeal took saya saya suka Rania in irika cala bassa may be flexible with eenie meenie galilee be flexible and Livvy Jacob kalamata aku silicates a kidney – addabani a Kakuna satu special arooga right [Music] nasi ECAM thickened are elect over [Music] looks really good from mogari Nonya kita kita more makhana paag dandy menu added the entertainment system it’s okay the P aku aku pengen Mao someone new lives I wonder handwritten one as well become Araneta Simeon Lee by new year o-tama very costly menu Youngman Ulis Kellogg arruda exist who took warm helpful friendly saya suka Nia I want a handwritten one as well kenapa tidak other many young men Uli’s Akasaka law personnel on camera inside super colonialists a super kalau personal approach [Music] in a deacon lake toba shiet ow ow normally say Attila to Kanishka la la la no monies manusia that we need simonia inner critic to Masato critic to lock plastic said –kavitha that’s the only negative but the rest in a cigar cross really very good I be smokin Langton Katya logic Ogawa TV sisters ro schedules Ellicott may be effective Megan Jean Kaja lady maja sympathetic at karna saya Villa business class say harus kasha I’ve never done a music terabyte juga you can say harvesting my career Anya that is a foul lagoon yagura definitely share is a good song Inessa Reuben my king Jakarta lobby home at all so I did a green initiative Itamar in bunny on young me near some other who d’ya tapi saya be done chica come on in here contest Garuda khawatir upon pass any ailment negara Indonesia come O’Hara’s Bunga any national carrier chicken national carrier come across banner than catch a salmon cooks access their maka see it’s ammonia Hawk Mountain Jenna looper subscribe then Jenna Luba Mike petawatt nación ah ok 3 McCarthy on took serviced a bike ok salad uber sampai jumpa me great Vanya ok it’s a recce to choba economy class on business class I heart belong price value pass fruit good annex Callie done service blue Vyasa I think that’s the best service an airline can get Skytrax has proven de leme event on the Nakamoto Nia come all sigh a bikini video super teeny laggy at Unga common di bawah a masseuse at Unga thank you a lot have a great one and don’t forget to trim [Music]

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  1. moin!Saé plogg(vlogg) na hehehh..sareng raoseun naek garuda mah,komo deui bussines class.. #kurangiplastik #tolakplastik #savetheplanet

  2. Haha tau tauan lagu selow, btw keren banget reviewnya fred! Kualitas videonya mantul vlog rasa iklan profesional .. makin sukses ya..

  3. Hahhahahaha kocak juga si mas broh ini😂😂
    Terima kasih sudah hafal lagu kebanggaan garuda proud of you🤩🤩
    See you next flight mas brohhh😊😊
    Btw saya mau check ahhh bsok foto mas broh yg ada di majalah itu..emng bener bisa bikin turbulence ya….hakhakhakhak🤣🤣

  4. om om.. di Garuda ga ada aturan ga boleh record penumpang lain ya untuk privacy? Saya pernah baca di airline lain tertulis jelas tidak boleh record awak kabin ataupun penumpang lain.. btw aku suka sih editannya mas bro dan pesan nya untuk #tolakplastik

  5. Kereennn ily Garuda Indonesia 🇮🇩✈❤itu gmna ceritanya kok bisa salah boarding pesawat untung aja belum masuk ke pesawatnya🤣terus bikin vlog di pesawat sangatt sukaa sekali

  6. Bikin lagiii travel vlog with GA yg banyakkk 😂 salut sama elu bang,biar bule..nyanyi theme song nya GA fasih bener 😂

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