Revolution’s 25th Anniversary Box-set Trailer

Just as I’d been a kid who grew up reading comics,
then sat in his room drawing his own comics. They were kids who’d grown up playing games
and sat in their bedrooms creating games. Revolution games were a big influence
and obviously Charles Cecil is a big part of that. When I write stories and come up
with locations and characters If I’m not excited by them
I can’t imagine why anybody else would be. What do you remember ultimately in a game? Do you remember when you’ve
killed a certain number of enemies or do you remember the storyline and moving
through the whole story with those characters? It presents a breath of fresh air when you’re
looking throughout the games sector as a whole. It’s something that’s different
and it appeals to a different audience as well. Without your audience you have nothing. We had a profound respect
and gratitude for our audience. They talked about our project and it was
their project, it was all our project. It was absolutely about a collaboration. It starts with the story. It almost becomes
more important with each new game that we make.

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