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– Rey thought she was no one. Now, she’s a heroic
fighter, a skilled pilot, and the last Jedi. Rey grew up all alone
as a scavenger on Jakku, but her life changed when she
met BB-8, a droid carrying a map the brave
Resistance needed and the sinister First
Order would stop at nothing to get their hands on. After a daring escape
flying the Millennium Falcon with her new friend, Finn,
the Falcons’ owner, Han Solo, told her that
BB-8’s map will lead the Resistance to the
legendary Luke Skywalker. When confronted by evil
First Order Agent Kylo Ren, she discovered she had
the power of the Force. Just like Luke, she sought him
out to learn the Jedi ways. Reluctant to get back
into the fight himself, Luke agreed to teach
Rey after seeing her dedication and power. Complicating matters, Rey found
she had a mysterious force bond with Kylo. Her attempt to turn Kylo
back to the light side didn’t go as
planned, but she soon found she had
everything she needed to restore peace to the galaxy. What do you think
will be Rey’s destiny?

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  1. Like father, like daughter.

    I think Rey will end up creating a new Force teaching style. One where true balance is to be attained.

  2. I never thought I'd have a favorite character after Luke. I mean, ROTJ Luke is the coolest ever, and the prequels weren't offering me anything except DEW IT and three legendary reviews by a pizza roll loving pig.

    Then came Rey, played wonderfully by Daisy Ridley. No one, or not, she's awesome in every way. She went from survivor and fighter on Jakku, to being The Last Jedi who will probably end Emperor Palpatine once and for all.

  3. Uhh Luke didn't train her because he saw how powerful she was, he trained her cause R2 guilted him into getting back into the fight

  4. Positivity speaks of everything from the chosen one 2 a beautiful Giver of Life whose name Rhymes and actually means my name from Spanish to English which is King!-)+ #JakkusFinest!)+

  5. I don't care what you will say.
    Rey is awesome, and she is one of my favourite characters forever ! and that is my opinion on her, you have yours and i have mine.
    And i love Daisy and her acting.

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