Rhett and Link imitating (making fun of) each other

Link Neal: “The world’s largest recticle exam?” Rhett McLaughlin: “No, the scariest recticle exam!” Link: “Recticle!”
(both laugh) L: “But don’t show me a video of any sort of recticle e-” Link: “Re- I cannot say rectal!”
Rhett, in a deep Southern accent: “I don’t want that recticle exam, now.”
(Link giggles) R: “Y’all better watch out if you gon’ try to-”
L: “That’s twisted, man.”
R: “beat me on that recticle exam.” Link: “Uhh… lollipop.”
Rhett, excitedly: “Yeah!” Link, mirroring Rhett: “Yeah!” (Link laughs) (music playing in the background) Rhett: “Bowling!”
Link: “Yeauh!” (Rhett laughs)
Link: “Okay… alright-”
Rhett: “MmYeaauh!” Link: “Okay, okay…” (Rhett in a childish voice)
R: “That was right when it was about to get interesting!” Link, mockingly: “Interestingg….”
(Rhett laughs) Link: “It was about to get interesting!!” Link, speaking as himself: “It got plenty interesting!” (intense video game playing silence) Rhett, dumbfounded: “Oh! What- in the world?!”
Link: “You… double-” Rhett: “How are you throwing the knife?!” (Link laughs to himself)
Link, in a boisterous tone: “How are you throwing
the knife?!” Link: “My Wii hands are now busted, man.”
Rhett, in a high voice: “My w- my wee hands!” Link: “I can’t be playing the Wii well!”
Rhett, in a high pitched Scottish accent: “My wee
hands are busted!” Link: “My-”
(Link realizes the joke and starts laughing)
(Mythical crew starts laughing behind the camera) Rhett, while chuckling: “Oh, you just got that… you got that on the second try!”
(Link makes a noise of agreement through laughter) Link: “What is this- cumin?” Stevie Wynne Levine, in an encouraging voice: “Noope…” Rhett in a silly exaggerated voice: “Is that cumin?!” (Mythical crew laughing off camera)
L: “What i-…” Rhett, quietly: “Oui, oui…” (both laugh together) Link: “Eiffel tower! Alright…”
Rhett: “That’s a new rule! If-” Link: “Oui, oui…”
(both laugh) (overlapping)
Rhett: “If you’re having a difficult time you just give a hint.”
Link: “Oui, oui.” Link: “Oui, oui.” Link, Southern accent slipping through: “You think this is like Costco?”
Rhett, even more Southern: “Costco?” (Mythical crew starts laughing)
Link, Southernly: “Costco…” Rhett: “You cannot shave ’em…
you can’t have eyebrue tats.” (a beat of silence and then a laugh off camera) Link, in a vaguely Eastern European voice: “Eyebrue tats.”
(Rhett laughing) Rhett, in a stacatto E. European accent: “You cannot have eyebrue tats.” (crew laughing) (zoom and enhance)
(it’s nothing) Link: “No.” Link: “Oh! Somethin’ the house!” Link: “Look back at the house. Somethin’ was up there.”
Rhett, in an elderly Southern accent: “Somethin’
the house!” (they both giggle) Link: “It actually tastes like chicken meat.”
(Rhett inhales) (overlapping)
Rhett: “It actually tastes like chick-en meat!”
Link: “The yolk…” Link: “‘Cause it’s like a… ‘s a nineteen-neve-seven F- uh, four cylinder Nissan pickup-”
Rhett, Southern accent: “Nineteen ninety seven…” Link: “Ni-neve-seven… Uh,-” Rhett: “It- This happened about a year in- is that what you’ve been… noticin’ this?” Link: “About a urine. Yeah.”
(Rhett laughs)
Link: “Um…” Rhett: “Ho- Guys, do you know how to do the ladder?” Link in a nasally voice: “Do you know how to do the ladder?” Link: “Do I get the job?” (silence except for a crew member laughing once) L: “You decide.”
R, quietly: “(weird noise) Do I get da job?? (Link busts out laughing and Rhett joins) L: “Duh I get da johb?”
(Rhett laughing)
L: “Duh get da job?” (Link laughs)
Rhett, in a gruff voice: “Dah get da job?” Link: “Duh get da jah?” (breaks off laughing) Rhett: “Duh- Duh get a jahb?” Rhett: “Look what’s happ- Oh! I found some guys to impress. Look it.” R: “Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this.” Link, in a nasally voice: “I found some guys to imprêss.” Link, in a silly voice: “This is a bäsket.” (Rhett laughing quietly) Rhett, in a sillier voice: “This is a bãsket!”
Link: “It’s a basket!” R: “What is it up with Japanese people wanting-”
L, overlapping: “What is it up?!”
R: “animals just to- to…” (laughs) (Link chuckles and Stevie is laughing in the background)
Rhett: “to speak on their behalf.” Link: “What is it up with animals?”
Rhett: “I don’t-” Rhett, silly voice: “Get a little tube of it!”
Link in a high silly voice: “Get a little tuûube!” R: “And I go- and I take- I-I’m one of
those people that I like pull it out of my
man purse at like fin- nice restaurants”

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  1. Woah guys I was watching this on the toliet and at 7:58 when Rhett impersonated link I laughed which made a fart come out. Holy shit

  2. I've discovered I can't be drinking anything while I watch these two because it ends up on my screen!

  3. This isn’t a clip from this video but can someone direct me to the place I can find the clip of Link pretending to be a teacher that teaches the kids how to fold sheet metal

  4. Link: (giggles) I know what you’ve done…. this is your fingers! Cuz your hands are sweating…

    Link: (removes blindfold) auGH!

    Rhett: w h e e z e (smacks chair twice)


    Rhett: (raises a finger with certainty) ITS YER FANGERS

  5. rhett: it’s spring cleaning, link

    link: no no no cleeeaan, no

    rhett: cLeEeAaN

    i laugh every time 😂😂

  6. sometimes they do it without trying to be funny and i just love it cuz you can really tell how close they are and how long they’ve been friends 😂

  7. I was really sad Then I decided to try to calm down and watch some YouTube. Thank you cause I now I actually feel better :,)



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