Rhythm Heaven (Custom Remix) – Party × Party

Watch the kitties practice their new rhythms.

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  1. なかなかの難易度wウラオモテとか無理だろこれww

  2. I think I just broke my replay button.

    Words alone cannot describe how amazing and catchy this remix is. Once again, you've outmatched yourself.

  3. I always love playing along with your remixes, this is probably one of the harder ones you've made and I love it. Keeps me on my toes

  4. This was absolutely fantastic
    Cosmic Dance could've worked instead of Tap Trial
    Other than that perfect


  5. YOOOOOO !!! We need more Vocaloid remixes. This is FANTASTIC, I literally screamed seeing it recommended. Thanks for making this !!!

  6. YouTube Comment Section says

    Even if the beats were fast, you kept going!
    Great song for following!
    Also, the extra beats you nailed!


  7. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing song.
    Edit: I recently did a custom remix of this song too, thanks for inspiring me!

  8. It's time for the Party mix! Can you keep up? It's time to start the party. No time to prepare! (No practice for you!)

  9. I just love how the way you do these videos of rhythm heaven i liked some of them, also this is one of the best!!!!!

  10. This is by far my favourite custom remix you have made so far, and I hope you continue to make these great custom remixes. 2:53 – 3:02 was my favorite part btw

  11. Games used:
    Bunny Hop
    Pajama Party
    Launch Party
    The Clappy Trio
    Crop Stomp (Remix 3 and Normal)
    Blue Birds
    Shrimp Shuffle
    Catch of the Day
    Big Rock Finish
    Frog Hop
    Marching Orders
    Figure Fighter
    Working Dough
    Exhibition Match
    Sumo Brothers
    Samurai Slice (Wii)
    Fruit Basket
    Tangotronic 3000
    Built to Scale (Wii)
    Fan Club
    Tap Trial
    Coin Flip
    Glass Tappers
    Karate Man
    Catchy Tune
    Rat Race
    Cosmic Dance
    Power Calligraphy

  12. You should do more vocaloid :0 maybe trick and treat? I know you don’t take requests but It’d be cool to have an idea of two of you think of doing a vocaloid remix 🙂

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