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Hi, welcome back to the Creative
Solutions™ Design Studio. I’m Bill Lindeman with burton + BURTON®. I’m one of the visual designers here and today we’re going to talk about another
solution with ribbon. Ribbon bunting, garlands, whatever you want to call them,
but it’s another way to use ribbon. Up here we’ve got our double face satin in
fall tones and some of our fall plaids. Here’s an example of an Easter garland
and over here a romantic wedding or Valentine’s garland, but there’s all
sorts of things you can do. You can use different types of ribbon too. I particularly like the double face satin, but our wired ribbon works really well
with it. Our taffeta ribbon works really great with it as well, and we have this
in a variety of colors. And our sheers give a lot of added texture to
the design as well. And it’s really simple to do, like I said, you can
do a lot of different things with it. Here’s one for a baby girl. This would be
great at a baby shower or gender reveal as it comes out of the box, or something
like that, but what we’ve done, or what I’ve done, is used our gingham and our
silver gray double face satin with the pink and the sheer and the baby girl
printed ribbon here. So we have one for a baby girl and one for a baby boy. So you
can see that you have a lot of options. So this might be used for the shower and
then used as decoration in the baby’s room later on, so it’s a great way. And
each one of these is just a simple and easy way of using the ribbon. There’s
15, well, it depends. You’re going to have to play with the amount of ribbon that
you use. The one that I’m going to do is going to be for a football game.
So obviously, since we are close to Athens, Georgia, we’re going to use the
Georgia Bulldog colors. What you want to do is figure out, and I already
pre-measured this for you. Tie a knot on one side and then measure exactly. I have
exactly six feet from one knot to the other knot. I find it easier for me, once you find or make your base thing, is to put the base ribbon onto something to stretch it out to start
your garland. And with your ribbon, I already pre-cut these and dove tailed
them for you, so it will not take as long to do this because there are 15
1-yard lengths of black, red, white, and then this buffalo plaid, which is red and
black. What you want to do is establish which colors you want to use first and I
think I’m going to start with the black. Put them together so they’re flat. You’re
going to create a loop and what you want to do is pull your ribbons over the
top piece, through the loop. What you’re going to end up having is something that
looks sort of like a man’s tie. So we have one and we’ll use our red. We’ll do
the same thing. And they can be perfect or you can make
them a little bit messy. I tend to like a lot of texture and a lot of product in
my garlands. I think it just looks a little more bohemian and since that’s
the trend right now, that’s what we’re going for. So you can see how easy this is and what
we’ll do is we’ll just continue. A little trick that I like to do is put the first
knot over the knot of the base ribbon so that it will hold it in place. And all
these can now be slid down to the end and what we’ll do is just continue. And what I like to do is always end it
with whatever color I started first, and this one will again go over the knot. And
we are done. Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this tutorial on ribbon
garlands, please subscribe to our YouTube channel or visit us at burtonandburton.com. Thank you!

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