Richie’s Heart Melts In Chocolate Bath With Alex | The Bachelor Australia

It is Since chocolates been a big thing today But we could have a chocolate behind That is chocolate yeah, that is um 300 of chocolate Chocolate is good for releasing serotonin They say is the chemical of low the more time I spend Alex they’re stronger the connection I feel and I can’t wait to just let loose and indulge and the romantic chemistry of chocolate all right. Let’s uh, let’s do this As We slowly slipped into the chocolate it. Just felt weird and delightful at the same time like I wanted it on my body at the same time, I’m Like A coconut rock it really sticks to the body. Yeah, it does I Can’t believe it Thank you romance is not dead I Revised iced and so I’m releasing the chemical of love. I like that I’m here to meet a woman that I can spend the rest of my life with and I feel that Alex Has got so many qualities that I look for in a woman We just fit together so well when I’m around or it’s like tunnel vision All I see is this incredible, beautiful woman I’m really glad on I could share this with you meet a zombie. This is loose me Things are extremely electric when Richie and I are together. I have never felt Chemistry like this with someone before like I feel so alive with him Our connection with each other is just it’s unreal. It’s through the roof We really do get along so well, we’re in tune we’re on the same wavelength and It’s just the type of girl. I can just dive into any moment with I feel like it is like I even like like nothing’s gonna braise the chocolate I think it really does Alex I’ve had such a sweet time today We get along like a house on fire like the chemistry is out of control It is absolutely crazy. You know when I’m around you. I feel fireworks I’ve told you before that you ignite me and You know today was all about showing the romance of chocolate well I think all it did prove was how much chemistry we do have together so Alex Will you accept this right Ricci has gone above and beyond This is nothing like I have ever imagined if Richie can take me looking like a drowned rat in Delicious chocolate then I feel like we’ve we’ve made huge progress in our relationship Do we do we do the dunk? I Wanted this day to be perfect Alex, and I think we just took it to a whole new level Why gives you some pretty amazing moments, and that was one of them? And it’s unreal that I could share that with Alex yeah Good, you don’t really good. Tell you like you look hot you’re like slippery It is surgically It was just something so unique and so special My feelings are definitely more invested in Richie I Could say I’m in a little bit of trouble yeah Richie Strahan and Alex Nation indulge in a chocolate bath on The Bachelor Australia Season 4. Check out more clips including their entire love story on our Bachelor World youtube channel!

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  1. Stupid and selly … it's a shame…such tv shows…. such things .. that are completely ignorant to real meaning of love and other humans who live in poverty and dream for a bar of chocolate.

  2. I think I'm too naive to watch but did He'd be a good Prince Harry actor.. I'm American and follow our Bachelor religiously! How could you not fall in Love after a Chocolate Bath?

  3. There are people who doesn't have a chance to get food but, you guys…….!!!!! 😭 what a waste!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. It’s gross bathing in chocolate I mean dead skin cells you name it in there and they are licking it and what not ….. eewwee gross

  5. Don't get bitten by ants afterwards. 🙂

    Anyway, I prefer that you eat the chocolate rather than bathing in it. It would show that you find food precious, and chocolate is food. When you shower with water, you use that water to wash yourself, but when you bathe yourself in chocolate, you'd have to get rid of it by water. Not something I'd recommend.

  6. Unacceptable and disgusting. I mean sure there are people starving that’s one thing but this is worst waste of product. Like so much chocolate and just used for purposes that don’t even give you pleasure at all. They both feel disgusted. So not only waste but also bad experience. No pleasure

  7. I never meant to be here…but I had to come and scream because the are bathing in chocolste instead of eating it. How could they waste chocolate!!!!!!

  8. If this is really chocolate guys
    Your video is dislike because many people can't eat chocolate, I know it's your money to buy it but this video is too much, just share it with poor people. Don't bath with it

  9. Jesus…. God please forgive all of us for our sins. Especially me…. I am sorry but I promised god not to loose my virginity.. but I failed…… ): dear lord please forgive me. I will never do it again. And i also have a question. How is this video not demonitized yet? Its basically sex.

  10. Is anyone thinking how long it took and troublesome it was to get rid of these sticky ass chocolate in shower. Y’all I’m just sayin lmao

  11. So many negative comments. If they having a special moment and can afford it why not. Why everybody is judging them. You never know how much they earn and how much they help people. You can just simply judge someone .
    Kids not having food in Africa or walking 20 miles for water. Excuse me, that doesn't mean that you will stop having fun in life.
    People who are judging them are actually jealous. I am seriously shocked with your negativity. Haven't you ever enjoyed or had fun in life. How many kids have you actually helped? Bullshit
    Man let them have fun and you never know how much they help others or not. May be they are way better and humble than you all negative people.

  12. Africas farmers dont like this clip. Button dislike 👎. Am joking.
    Cause doesnt matter Africa situ vice versa this show. But people like this show not Africa things. How wonderful life it is. In Africa ? In Choco bath ?
    Hello ~

  13. After this date Alex woke up each morning for 2 weeks with chocolate on her pillow, she realised later on the chocolate was coming out of her ears and she had an infection in her ears because of the chocolate.

  14. Both are actually maniacs. Such an immature relationship and the worst part is that niether of the two people felt in a humanly manner. Rather very impractical…

  15. I can't get over how these people act like this in front of a set with crew, lights, multiple cameras a director and producer standing around watching.

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