Riggs Has Dinner With Cahill || Lethal Weapon 1×14 1080p HD

Sir? The, uh, lady inside asked if you’d come in and join her. They brought that by mistake. I couldn’t let it go to waste. That is a good looking chicken parm. I mean, the edges are… I mean, they’re perfect. It’s my burden. I am professionally obligated
to listen to everything you say. Nice place. You come here a lot? Special occasions. Oh, yeah? So what’s this one? That your ex escaped a date
with a truck? Or were you rooting for the truck? No. Mostly no. He cheated on me. More than once. I kind of put that together. And he lied about it. So well, in fact, that it made me crazy. But that part goes away
when you learn the truth. What doesn’t go away is how
you start looking at everyone like you’re just waiting
for them to hurt you. Took me a while
to get out of that head space, before I could even think about dating. And Sean was the first. Mm-hmm. Hardest thing in the world
is to trust other people. Yeah. Pretend you’re interested. I’m interested. Um, as far as… No, no, no. Not for me. Um, we’re at my favorite restaurant, having what looks like a romantic meal and if he’s watching… Then you’re trying to make him jealous. My ex-husband, man I was dating, he’s obsessively going after
people he sees as competition. So you’re using me as bait, in hopes that he tries to kill me. I couldn’t think of anyone better. Oh,Doc You are listening, aren’t you? Kick his ass. Oh, and, um, tell Murtaugh to get out
of my neighbor’s driveway. With any luck,
you’ll need the help, not me. Hey, Rog. Doc made you. Well, who wouldn’t stand out in this ridiculous truck? Don’t worry. I got my eye on her. Happy hunting.

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  1. Looove this show and this scene,best part is when he pass his finger over hers. His face expression is just 👌👌👌.

  2. This scene was so sweet and real I really truly hope that in the future they will be a couple Martin needs someone like Cahill so does she even if they don’t realising it YET

  3. That's true hardest thing in the world is to trust someone and I love the part of I'm interested…ah doc you are listening

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